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Diet Protein is arguably the most sophisticated diet protein shake available today. Using the latest advances in protein and weight loss technology, Diet Protein is formulated to help you achieve a healthy, well defined and toned body. One serving of Reflex Diet Protein Shake provides 3.2 grams of Clarinol conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which can decrease body fat while at the same time, increase lean muscle. Recently completed research has confirmed that 3.2 grams of Clarinol, the exact same as found in Reflex Diet Protein, not only easily helped reduce body fat, but that it did so in specific areas of the body where fat loss is most desired without extra dieting or exercise efforts. The results of the six-month clinical trial showed that the reduction in fat mass primarily occurs in the abdomen and particularly in women, the legs. Whilst other diet shakes might contain CLA it is often used in smaller amounts. Research indicates that you need to take 3.2 grams or more of CLA to achieve optimal results. Diet Protein uses a unique ratio of purified Whey Protein and Micellar Casein to provide an unrivalled source of protein that contains bioactive peptides that may help curb appetite, boost antioxidant levels (glutathione), promote healthy intestinal flora and provide essential amino acids for recovery from exercise. In addition to providing an extremely high quality source of protein, Diet Protein also provides natural dairy Calcium which is scientifically proven to assist fat loss and weight loss by up to 25%. Each serving of Reflex Diet Protein is packed with additional diet support. Green Tea extract is added for its role long standing reputation for aiding dieters, whilst friendly Lactospore pro-biotic bacteria provide intestinal support. Diet Protein contains no added sugar or maltodextrin. It is therefore the perfect Diet Protein Shake for individuals wanting to restrict their carbohydrate content. Mix 50g (approximately two level 60ml

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