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New improved ONE STOP XTREME takes things one step further delivering more quality ingredients than ever before. In fact we guarantee that you simply wont find better, if you do we will refund you. Today, getting close to 20 years later, we have two specific products that are designed solely as all in one bodybuilding supplements. They are the originalOne Stop, which is designed for anyone wanting one product that delivers results and covers the essentials. The second product is called One Stop Xtreme, detailed bellow, which takes everything we know about bodybuilding supplements into account. It literally contains just about every single super high quality bodybuilding supplement thats worthwhile all in one product. One Stop from Reflex Nutrition delivers on a very serious level, its a unique formula which has been very carefully designed with a sole aim, to deliver the best of the best, to outperform and provide superior quality from each and every ingredient. Because One Stop has been formulated to replace the use of numerous supplements we did not want to fall into the trap of making compromises. For example the use of cheaper forms of creatine, vitamins, minerals and perhaps more importantly the protein source. Instead One Stop is a complete powerhouse of the worlds finest sports supplements in one easy to use shake; EU Sourced Whey Protein and Native Milk Protein, Fast & Slow Proteins. The main protein source in ONE STOP XTREME is an EU sourced grass-fed dairy protein blend. Made from preferentially selected undenatured ultra filtered whey protein and undenatured native milk protein providing a valuable source of micellar casein. It provides a very rich source of branched-chain amino acids, essential amino acids and glutamine. Were also keen to stress that ONE STOP XTREME does not contain any added lower quality soy protein which contains trypsin inhibitors that may actually prevent protein digestion. The Worlds No.1 Creatine, Creapure

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