Remington R95 Stockists

Remington R95 Stockists

The Remington R95 is a sleek, black & silver, compact shaver designed to be simple yet effective. Precision engineered, stainless steel blades, ensure smooth professional results and are perfect for those who travel, but still take pride in their appearance. Rechargeable and lithium powered, the R95 will last 10 shaves on a full charge.

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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Remington HC366

OverviewGet that precise, effortless cut thanks to the new Remington HC366 cordless clipper. With advanced ceramic coated blades you get quicker results whatever your hair type and with no maintenance self-oiling blades this clipper is built to lastPrecisionSix attachment combs ranging from 3 to 25mm mean that you can get the exact length you can desire each and every time. There are also six sectioning clips, scissors and a hair comb ensuring a smart and precise and detailed finish. The separate detail trimmer takes care of your sideburns, neckline and even your moustache

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Remington NE3150

The NE3150 Trimmer from Remington helps you removes your unwanted nose and ear hair with ease and comfort thank you the ergonomics design and easy to access control. Powered by single AA battery (not included) the advanced steel blades and a washable head not only breaze thought your daily grooming but also makes keeping your Remington NE3150 Trimmer simple too.

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Remington PR1240

With the PR1240 you can be guaranteed for a much closer, sensitive shave from Remington. The shaver uses Powerflex 360 technology which will give you an all over smooth shave and with its contour design, it will give you a faster and smoother shave. The shaver uses a lithium power battery, this will give you an optimum shaving and trimming results all with lithium power, giving you a longer lasting performance. With the flexing rotary heads, it has been designed to adjust comfortably to the contours of the face, this will minimise any pressure and irritation giving you a closer shave.

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Remington F7808

A comfortable shave is never far away with the Remington F7808 - featuring intuitive titanium coated blades and dual foil pivoting head technology the Remington F7808 will perform every time - giving you nothing less than a clean and comfortable shave. For maximum grooming on the go the F7808 comes with a hard wearing travel case and has the capacity for 60 minutes of usage when fully charged. With a five minute quick charge setting the F7808 is a perfect option for those who want a perfectly groomed appearance but don't have time to waste. To make sure maximum contact is achieved the F7808 has self-adjusting pivots; including a pop up trimmer and nose and ear trimmers to ensure a close, precise shave even in those delicate hard to reach areas.

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Remington XR1340G

This rotary shaver is the perfect appliance to have for men who want the ultimate in quality and precision. This hyper Flex golfer shaver uses a unique technology which will be able to deliver a much closer, more comfortable and effective shave with every single stroke. The heads are rotating and will follow every contour and shape of your face as you are shaving, and for a ultra-close contact and for super smooth results. This shaver will give you an added flexibility to detail sideburns or all of those hard to reach areas. There is also a handy charging stand and a travel pouch which makes this super shaver an essential addition for any golfers overnight bag.

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Remington MB4010

Delivering a quality grooming experience. Advanced Steel-coated blades with nine pre-set lengths allow you to easily keep your facial fuzz neat and tidy at a moments notice. Advanced Steel high quality steel blades for an improved cutting performance. Designed specifically for men who are looking for a welldesigned good quality, value for money product. The range has products which are easy to use and have high quality selfsharpening Advance Steel Blades for improved cutting performance.

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Remington MB320C

Delivering a quality grooming experience. Advanced Ceramic-coated blades with nine pre-set lengths allow you to achieve any look you want. For men who desire premium technology combined with convenience and a timeless design. These products are equipped with selfsharpening Advanced Ceramic Coated Blades stronger and longer lasting for a professional cutting performance. Advanced Ceramic Coated Blades are infused with Silica, a natural material known for its hardness and resilience. Silica makes the blades stronger and longer lasting* for a professional cutting performance. Additionally, the blades are designed to self sharpen to ensure long lasting performance. *Vs. Remington standard Steel Blades"

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Remington PR1250

Go for an effective and skin-friendly shave with Remington's Power Series. These innovative shavers utilize PowerFlex 360 technology for optimal smooth shave. The perfect choice for those who like to look effortlessly smart but have little time in the mornings the PR1250's Lithium battery will last for more than 40 minutes when fully charged. The PR1250 was made with comfort at the forefront of BaByliss' mind. It's sleek and stylish and was ergonomically designed making it easy to use and comfortable to handle. For detailing purposes and those delicate areas such as sideburns the PR1250 comes with a ComfortTrim pop-up trimmer, giving you unlimited options as to what you could achieve and making the PR1250 a versatile choice for the modern day human.

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Remington MB4120

The Remington Beard Boss features OptiAngle design for maximum comfort, control and superb handling. No matter which way you trim, it glides across the contours of the face with total effortlessness, making it easy to craft your look in no time at all. Keep facial hair under control with eleven pre-set length settings that allow you to adjust the cutting length of your trimmer. These settings include 0.4mm and 1mm when using the blade alone, ideal for precise shaping and trimming. Once you attach the comb, the settings range from 1.5mm-18mm, so whatever your style you can find the ideal trimming length to achieve the look you want. The Remington Beard Boss is battery operated (2 x AAA batteries included) so it's ready for any facial hair trimming occasion at any time, and anywhere. Achieving well-groomed facial hair has never been easier thanks to the Remington Beard Boss trimmer; the ideal solution for the modern man who wants to own the moment and take complete control of his style.

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Remington HC5018

This Apprentice Hair clipper is perfect for reaching them hard to get areas. It includes 5 different combs which range from 3mm-18mm, giving you a vast range of shaving options. Accessories include a cleaning brush, a styling comb and a protective blade cap. The hair clipper has a high quality performance which enables you for a closer shaving experience. There's no need to worry about the blades losing their cutting edge as the advanced stainless steel coated blades are self-sharpening.

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