SEBO 3600e Stockists

SEBO 3600e Stockists

SEBO DUO-P Cleaning Powder is made up of highly absorbent micro-sponges which contain advanced cleaning agents. By brushing the DUO-P into the stain the cleaning agents break down the soiling which is then absorbed into the micro-sponges. Once dry the DUO-P can simply be vacuumed away. DUO-P Cleaning Powder has a built-in fibre protector to help prevent re-soiling.

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Pack of 8 Genuine dust bags for the SEBO Suitable for C1, X1.1, X4, X5, C2, X1.1 Dark Red, X4 Extra, X5 Extra, C2 Total, X1.1 White, X4 Pet, XP2, C3, X2, X4 White, XP3, X1, X3 Upright Vacuum Cleaners

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A cost effective way to buy bags and filters. The X Series Upright Service Box contains 8 ultra-bags, a microfilter and an exhaust filter. Suitable for X1, X2, X3, X1.1, X4, X4 EXTRA, X4 PET, X4 EXCEL, X5 EXTRA, XP2, XP3, X1.1 ECO, X4 EXTRA ECO, X4 PET ECO, X5 EXTRA ECO.

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SEBO 8322er

The AIRBELT E Microfilter Box contains 1 x Motor Protection Filter and 1 x Exhaust Microfilter. Suitable for E1, E1 PLUS, E1 KOMFORT, E1 PET and E3 PREMIUM vacuums.

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Sebo carbon anti-odor motor filter. For the sebo felix series of household upright vacuum cleaners.

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The K Series Cylinder Service Box contains 8 Ultra-Bags, a hospital grade microfilter and an exhaust filter. Suitable for K1, K1 KOMFORT, K1 PET, K1 ECO, K1 KOMFORT ECO, K1 PET ECO, K3 VULCANO, K3 PREMIUM.

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Easy to use carpet and upholstery spot cleaning kit with integrated brush. Filled with 500g of duo-P carpet cleaning powder and with a brush built into the lid, the Clean Box is ideal for spot cleaning on carpet and upholstery.

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SEBO 1055-10PACK

High Filtration bags with sealable design and 3 internal layers designed for the SEBO Twin Motor BS36 Vacuum cleaner.

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SEBO 7029er

SEBO Ultra-Bags are designed by SEBO to give optimum performance and filtration with SEBO vacuum cleaners. Offering fade-free performance and highly effective micro-filtration, SEBO Ultra Bags are made using the most modern materials and construction methods. The virtually tear-proof fleece material uses electrostatically charged microfibres to filter dust particles from the air stream without clogging. Sealing caps ensure that dust and dirt is locked in the bag for hygienic disposal, making SEBO Ultra-Bags ideal for allergy sufferers. Suitable for FELIX NAVY, FELIX ROSSO, FELIX VOGUE, FELIX PET, FELIX ROYALE, FELIX NAVY ECO, FELIX ROSSO ECO, FELIX VOGUE ECO, FELIX PET ECO, FELIX ROYALE ECO, DART 1, DART 2, DART 3, DART 4.

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SEBO 0496

Citrus perfume capsules that are placed in the bag or bag compartment of your vacuum cleaner to emit a clean and fresh aroma as you vacuum. Great for every home and perfect for those with pets

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