Samsung HWJ8501R Stockists

Samsung HWJ8501R Stockists

The HWJ8501R wireless curved soundbar will allow you to complement your curved TV with an incredibly clear, room-filling sound. Complete the unique design of your curved Samsung TV with this soundbar and a complementary curve radius will let you fit it perfectly underneath your TV. You can attach it to the TV itself easily by using the included mounting accessory or simply position it in front of the set to complete the look. However you decide to install it, the HWJ8501 will be able to give you that outstandingly clear detail, satisfying power and a widescreen feel that will immerse you in all your entertainment, from movies on Blu-ray to documentaries on TV, and lastly all your favourite video games.

Bargain Deal: £599.00

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Samsung HWMS550

The Samsung HWMS550 2.0 Sound Bar fits big sound into a thin speaker. Its one-body design houses six built-in speakers that deliver impressive audio with lots of hidden details. Crisp, high notes are brought to life by two tweeters and four mid-range drivers, without the need for an additional subwoofer taking up space in your living room. Fill your room with high quality studio-like sound. The Onebody HW-MS550 Sound Bar supports High Resolution audio formats, for better than CD sound quality. A wireless TV connection provides a simple way to connect the sound bar to your wireless compatible Samsung TV. If you've got a Spotify or Deezer account, you'll be able to stream songs from it through the sound bar. Just connect your phone or tablet using Bluetooth and you'll instantly be able to listen to your portable music collection.

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Samsung HWM550

The Samsung HWM550 will bring cinema sound to your living room effortlessly. With 340W power and 6 built in speakers it really packs a punch. The 6 built-in speakers offer crisp high notes and pure sound meaning every scene from your favourite films are brought to life. The central speaker ensures that speech is incredibly clear meaning that movie monologues feel as if you are being spoken too and the lyrics from songs are heard clearer than ever. The wireless subwoofer allows for flexibility when it comes to placement meaning you can keep your living space clutter free. Using the Bluetooth connectivity allows you to effortlessly stream your favourite playlists from your compatible smart devices meaning you can instantly add atmosphere to the party. Keep your space neat and tidy with a wireless connection to your Samsung TV. You can Experience superb and powerful sound that brings any TV show or movie to life. With a sleek design that complements the Samsung TV range, the HW-M550 is the perfect addition when creating your dream home entertainment system.

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Samsung HWMS6501

With an amazing array of speakers and sound optimising tech, the Samsung HW-MS6501 curved sound bar brings a stunning cinematic sound quality to everything you watch. With spectacular detail, it breathes new life into your movies, programmes and music. Scintillating HD Audio is authentic to the original, while Distortion Cancelling technology delivers powerful, stirring bass without the need for a separate sub-woofer all thank the concert of built in speakers of the Samsung HWMS6501. A speaker system this good shouldn't be limited to TV content; with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in it's simple to give your favourite music an awesome audio makeover too.

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Samsung HWMS6500

The SAM-HWMS6500 will deliver incredible rich sound to anything you are watching or listening to. The HWMS6500 5.1 wireless curved sound bar features 9 speakers with dedicated amps which improve the audio quality. You will always be able to listen to your music the way it should be heard thanks to HD audio, this preserves the richness and quality of the original sound which means you can enjoy the best sounds for lossless audio formats. Whatever you are listening to or watching you will always hear crisp all round sound no matter where you are sitting in the room, the wide range tweeter, the advanced sound processing and the precise speaker control will always make sure this is achieved. Thanks to the distortion cancelling technology you will always get clear and accurate audio, it does this by predicting and cancelling out any sound distortion before it can be heard. The HWMS6500 uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity which means you can effortlessly connect your compatible devices including your Samsung TV, this means you will enjoy all of your favourite content instantly and much clearer. With 4K pass-through you can connect your TV and HW MS6500 Sound Bar with a 4K video source like a UHD Blu-ray player using a simple HDMI connection. With its premium curved design and the option of wall mounting, the Samsung HWMS6500 is the perfect addition to your home cinema entertainment system bringing you the highest quality sound.

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Samsung HWK950

The HWK950 soundbar from Samsung will allow you to enter a new, unrivalled world of sound with this ultimate Soundbar. There are a whopping total of 15 individual speakers, all of which will deliver a powerful and pure audio experience that is second to none. The soundbar will come with three tweeters that are devoted to recreating that crisp, clear high note and the 8 mid-range drivers will ensure that all the mid-range frequencies are warm and lifelike. There are also four up firing speakers that will deliver an incredible object based sound. The experience you will receive has been known to be more realistic than a home cinema, even when playing movies and shows, the k950 will promise a more captivating and realistic experience providing a phenomenal overhead and surround sound you have unlikely ever heard before.

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Samsung HW-J6501R 49" Curved Wireless Multiroom Silver Soundbar

Samsung HW-J6501R 49" Curved Wireless Multiroom Silver Soundbar

Samsung HW-J6501R 49 Samsung HW-J6501R 49

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Samsung HWJ6500R

Six built-in speakers mean this curved soundbar can deliver powerful, pure sound. With two tweeters to provide crisp and clear high tones whilst the four mid-range drivers deliver mid-range frequencies that are warm and detailed. A separate wireless subwoofer provides deep bass for those action movies, being wireless means it can go anywhere in the room without it affecting the sound output. Six amplifiers are paired up with the six speakers, enabling the soundbar to deliver an accurate and realistic tone letting the amplifiers take control of each speaker, each amplifier controls certain frequencies to reduce distortion and delivery an incredible sound experience.When watching you favourite movies and TV shows, Samsung's Clear Voice Technology has been designed to lift vocals from the audio track and enhance it so as not to be confused with the background audio.With multi-room functionality you can enjoy your favourite songs not only in your living room, but in any room of your home by wirelessly connecting Samsung's multi-room range of speakers to this soundbar. Enhance your listening experience with High-Res Audio playback enabling you to listen to studio quality sound, at an even higher resolution than CD.Connect your Soundbar to your Samsung TV without wires and enjoy superb, powerful sound that brings programs, movies and music to life. TV has never sounded so good.

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Samsung HWJ6501R

The HWJ6501R curved soundbar comes with six built-in speakers meaning that the soundbar will deliver a powerful, pure sound. There are two tweeters that will provide a crisp and clear high tone. There are four mid-range drivers that will deliver a mid-range frequency all of which are warm and detailed. A separate wireless subwoofer will provide a deep bass for those action movies and all your favourite jazz tunes. There are six amplifiers on this soundbar, each of them are dedicated to one of the six built-in speakers that will deliver an accurate and pure tone by letting the amplifiers take control of the speaker drivers. Each amp will control certain frequencies to reduce distortion and provide a superior sound experience.

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Samsung HWMS751

With a striking modern design and flawless sound the Samsung HWMS751 is a perfect companion and a powerful addition to your home entertainment system. The Samsung HWMS751 will fit timelessly into your home - the striking silver finish with front showing speakers will be a compliment to any home dcor. Revolutionise how you listen to your home entertainment - the Samsung HWMS751 will deliver time and time again and provide you with nothing but the clearest sound you could possibly imagine. With eleven speakers backed up by their own individual amplifier the HWMS751 diversifies and analyses what sound is passing through it to give you the best quality audio. High frequencies are expertly handled by five tweeters and the six mid-range drivers handle clarity and precision of sound. Feel fully emerged within sound whilst the up-facing drivers shoot sound every direction; you will feel propelled right into the middle of the action, into the middle of conversation and into the heart of all of your favourite TV blockbusters. Boasting complete connectivity the HWMS751 allows you to be able to connect to both WiFi and Bluetooth smart devices - stream your favourite music, podcasts, radio and more from all of your favourite streaming services directly to your soundbar with unparalleled sound quality playback. Distortion is a problem of the past and the HWMS751 detects vibration and cancels it out - giving you undisturbed, powerful bass....

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Samsung HWJ6502

This wireless curved soundbar from Samsung will be able to deliver a crystal clear sound all with HD audio capabilities, which will let you know your audio system all by offering wireless speakers as rear speakers. The soundbar features a curved format that is perfect if you are looking to achieve a beautiful seamless look for your entertainment area that will be sure to wow your friends and family. With six built in speakers you can experience a stunning audio each driven by their own amplifiers for superior accuracy and a beautiful distortion free tone that will render music and entertainment audio as the artist intended. With two tweeters, the high frequencies will come out crisp and clear and with four midrange drivers, it will bring a warmth and definition for all of your sound.

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