Sci-MX Pro V-Gain Protein 2.2kg Stockists

Sci-MX Pro V-Gain Protein 2.2kg Stockists

PRO V-GAIN PROTEIN is an excellent alternative to animal sourced protein as it has a superior amino acid profile and is high in BCAAs and arginine. Over 25 research studies prove that protein from non-animal source is as effective for muscle gain as protein from milk, whey or egg protein. This product is gluten free. 100% COMPLETE PROTEIN: An advanced blend of rice, soy and pea proteins ideal for non-dairy, gluten free and vegan diets. PROMOTES MUSCLE GROWTH: High protein content contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. HIGH IN KEY AMINO ACIDS: Plant-based proteins include a higher concentration of BCAAs, L-arginine and L-glycine than whey, milk or egg proteins. ANTI-WORKOUT FATIGUE: Each serving contains vitamin B6, B12 and magnesium to help reduce tiredness and fatigue. OPTIMUM PROTEIN SYNTHESIS: Zinc and magnesium contribute to protein synthesis ensuring optimum construction. MULTIPURPOSE FORMULA: Can be used post-workout, between meals, upon waking and before bed. When to use AFTER TRAINING AND BETWEEN MEALS. UPON WAKING AND BEFORE BEDTIME. TAKE UP TO 3 SERVINGS PER DAY. How to use ADD 1 LEVEL SCOOP (45G) TO A SHAKER WITH UP TO 300ML OF WATER. SHAKE FOR 10 SECONDS. ALLOW TO SETTLE FOR 30 SECONDS AND DRINK. Nutritional information Per 100g Per 45g Serving (1 level scoop) Pro-V GAIN protein 75g 34g (of which BCAAs) 12.7g 5.7g (of which L-leucine) 6.2g 2.8g (of which L-isoleucine) 2.9g 1.3g (of which L-valine) 3.6g 1.6g (of which glutamic acid) 13.4g 6g (of which L-arginine) 6.4g 2.9g Vit-MX-Sport 1135mg 510mg (of which vitamin B6) 1.6g (111%*) 0.7g (50%*) (of which vitamin B12) 2.2g (89%*) 1g (40%*) (of which calcium) 433mg (54%*) 195mg (24%*) (of which phosphorus) 337mg (48%*) 151mg (22%*) (of which magnesium) 352mg (94%*) 158mg (42%*) (of which zinc) 11mg (112%*) 5mg (50%*) *EC RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance Nutritional profile Per 100g Per 45g Serving Energy 1533kj/362kcal 690kj/163kcal Fat 1.9g 0.8g of which saturat

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