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SUPREME QUALITY WHEY: Premium quality, cold-process, cross flow micro-filtered whey ensures maximum bioavailability. FATTY ACID OXIDATION: Premium grade green tea extract increases beta-oxidation of fatty acids leading to a reduction in body fat mass. MUSCLE SUPPORT: High protein content contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass which may deteriorate when dieting. METABOLIC SUPPORT: Niacin, iodine and biotin contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism. COMBATS FATIGUE: 50% recommended daily allowance of folic acid and niacin help reduce tiredness and fatigue. ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS: Conjugated linoleic acid provides omega 6 essential fatty acids to support a weight management diet. WHEN TO USE: Before and after training, between meals and upon waking. Use in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet and exercise programme. Take up to 3 servings per day. HOW TO PREPARE: Add 1 heaped scoop (30g) to a shaker with 300ml of water. Shake for 5-10 seconds. Allow to settle for 30 seconds and drink. Ingredients: Rippedcore protein complex (whey protein concentrate*, soya protein isolate, milk protein concentrate*, peptide bonded glutamine rich hydrolysed wheat protein), glycine, Actilight (inulin fibre), maltodextrin, conjugated linoleic acid, flavouring, MCT oil, red beet powder (colouring), sodium chloride, xanthan gum (stabiliser), green tea extract (camellia sinensis), sucralose (sweetener), nicotinamide, d-biotin, pteroylmonoglutamic acid, potassium iodate. *Sources of lactose and milk protein. Allergen Information: Contains milk protein, lactose, soya and gluten. Contains no nut ingredients, but may contain traces of peanuts and various types of nuts and seeds. May contain egg. Per 100g Per 30g Serving (1 heaped scoop) Rippedcore protein complex 67g 20g (of which BCAAs) 12.4g 3.7g (of which glutamine) 11.5g 3.4g (of which glutamine peptides) 1.25g 375mg CLA 2.8g 850mg Actilight fibre 5.6g 1.7g Green tea extract 100mg 30mg Vit

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