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Business and pleasure is a dangerous game ...Former part-time escort Mason Anthony manages The Black Door Two -- a club catering to a much younger sexually uninhibited clientele than the original uptown elite Black Door club. In a world where customers are always right Mason makes sure that he fully accommodates all of their needs and cravings. But controlling his passion-starved spirit long enough to focus on his new leadership role is tough especially when he's on the search for romance. Will he be able to resist temptation to win the heart of the one woman he loves? Or will secrets and scandal come knocking on his door one steamy night?

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CEO's Marriage Seduction/His Style of Seduction ebook Stockist

Desire March 2009 CEO’s Marriage Seduction Anna DePalo Sexy CEO Griffin Slater wanted to marry the boss’s daughter. He’d made love to Eva Tremont in his mind countless times. Now he had a secret weapon to persuade her, to tempt her… His Style of Seduction Roxanne St Claire When businessman Jason Locke found Lily Harper soaking wet on his doorstep, he couldn’t believe his luck. The dark-haired beauty was gorgeous, real model material. Then a storm left them stranded together, all hot and bothered…

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Proof by Seduction both Stockist

Special Releases April 2011 She was his last chance �for a future of happiness A gifted fortune-teller from a humble background, Jenny can make even the most sophisticated sceptic believe her predictions by batting her smoky eyelashes – until she meets Gareth Carhart, the Marquess of Blakely, scientist and a sworn bachelor. Broodingly handsome Gareth is scandalised to discover his cousin has fallen under the spell of ‘Madame Esmerelda’ and vows to prove Jenny a fraud. Gareth’s unexpected attraction to the fiery...

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Seduction ebook Stockist

Special Releases August 2011 by Miranda Lee Miranda Lee brings her trademark style to this collection: pacy, sexy rhythms; passionate, real-life characters and enduring, memorable story lines. Seduction features three billionaires with money to burn and women to seduce!

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Seduction in Death Stockist

She was twenty-three and already in love. She was certain he'd be handsome. She would be dead before midnight. Bryna Bankhead carefully dressed for her date with the wonderful Dante a man she's only ever spoken to online. By the end of the night rose petals are scattered poetry has been quoted - and Bryna has been murdered. What starts as a mistake becomes a terrifying game as two young men pursue their poisonous obsession with an illegal drug and an insatiable desire. As more girls are taken homicide lieutenant Eve Dallas...

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Soldier's Seduction both Stockist

Special Releases April 2012 All’s fair in passion and warIn the line of fire…Colton respects one creed: duty and honour above all. So he’s torn when sweet, sexy Andi asks for his help in fleeing from her intended groom. Andi is his best friend’s little sister. Translation? Hands off! But that's a damn hard thing to do because being close to her is the ultimate temptation……and in the name of loveNavy security specialist Adam Mancuso has been commissioned to keep surveillance on the gorgeous Eva St.George. And it’s...

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Sophie's Seduction both Stockist

All the Balfour girls are glitzy, glamorous and gorgeous – except Sophie. Convinced she’s dumpy and plain, she avoids the limelight. But her father has had enough and arranges a new job for her working with Sicilian Marco. Sophie knows she’s not pretty enough to catch the eye of such a powerful man, yet he seems determined to seduce her. Does he have an ulterior motive…?

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Strictly Seduction both Stockist

Three sizzling ballroom dreams are about to become glittering reality! Sparkle Meagan’s thrilled with her new job as producer of TV’s hottest new dance show. But with the show under threat, she’ll do anything to keep it on the air – even if it means trusting frustratingly gorgeous Sam and ignoring the simmering attraction they share… Spotlight Darla loves everything about being a reality dance show’s host…except her competition, Blake. Not only did he humiliate her on his show, but now he’s her new...

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Sunsets & Seduction both Stockist

What happens when the lights go out on a hot, sultry summer night? To Jonas Berringer, bodyguard, Tessa Rose is intoxicating forbidden fruit. She has an intimate knowledge of aphrodisiac scents and, alone in the darkness of a power cut, they indulge all their other senses… Larissa can’t help herself when it comes to her hot ex-fiancé Jason Cantrell. Trapped together in a shop full of sexual and romantic props, would it be incredible sex with her ex? Kaia Bennet had trusted dishy undercover cop, Blake McCauley...

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The Darkest Seduction both Stockist

Fantasy March 2012 Paris – Darkest Lord of the UnderworldImmortal warrior Paris is irresistible – yet this comes at a terrible price. Possessed by a depraved demon, he must seduce someone new every night, or die. But the one woman he craves has never truly been his.Sienna, possessed by the demon of Wrath, is compelled to punish everyone around her. Yet in Paris’s arms she finds peace and insatiable desire.As Paris and Sienna’s bond grows it reignites a blood feud between ancient enemies. With battle raging between gods,...

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The Vampire's Seduction both Stockist

Paranormal February 2012 Seduction is the weapon of choice!Finding out she was a witch had upended Mari’s life, but being thrown into a war between otherworldly creatures surpassed the surreal. Her coven battled a clan of vampires…and caught in the middle were Mari and one vampire hellbent on rescuing his brethren.No spells could protect her from Nicholai. No potions could assuage the longing he’d awakened in her. Mari wasn’t sure she wanted protection…until she discovered Nicholai’s intention. Could she believe...

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A Christmas Seduction eBook Stockist

The millionaire... Being forced to spend Christmas with his godfather's mistress was not Quinn Mannion's idea of fun. Laura Maclane might be beautiful, but Quinn had no doubt she was a heartless gold digger. Why else would his godfather have left money to an attractive younger woman? ... and the mistress Laura had never wanted money - she'd just wanted to get to know her father. Unfortunately, now that he was dead, who would believe she was his daughter? Certainly not Quinn. Infuriated, Laura decided to play up to his expectations...

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A Forbidden Seduction eBook Stockist

Passion in Rebellion The Colleoni family was bad news for Debbie. Her marriage to their son had turned out to be no marriage at all. Now she was alone, and fighting for her child's inheritance with his commanding and charismatic half brother - Luciano. Obviously she couldn't trust him, but a passionate attraction was flowing between them. She was vulnerable; she was under the disapproving glare of the Colleoni family; this seduction was foolish, taboo and... wildly irresistible!

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A Lesson In Seduction eBook Stockist

- Romantic Times

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A SEAL's Seduction eBook Stockist

Navy SEAL Blake Landon (a.k.a. “Boy Scout”) knows the rule book inside and out. But when a mission ends badly, his entire team is ordered on leave. And that's when Blake sees the tall redhead whose dark eyes suggest that the rules - especially in bed - are made to be broken...

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An Accidental Seduction eBook Stockist

Undone February 2010 Emily Barrow once dreamed that she could marry Stephen Chesterfield, the Earl of Whitmore, and be saved from her dreary life. Then Stephen's father sent him away, leaving Emily broken-hearted... Now Stephen has returned to find Emily destitute and alone. He has vowed to help her without compromising her honor...but Emily has other ideas. She doesn't want his charity, but she does long to know what it would be like to take him as a lover, even if marriage is out of the question. Confined to close quarters...

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