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Lawrence Craft has been walking the lonely path of the itinerant merchant for seven years. His life changes forever when he meets Horo the Wolf-God of the harvest and the two begin travelling together. Soon they discover a unique opportunity to exploit the depreciating silver currency of thethe kingdom of Trenni but their plans go awry when a competing organisation captures Horo and threatens to turn her over to the oppressive religious faction. Lawrence rescues her but in the course of the rescue Horo is forced to transform into her terrifying tru wolf-form. The two continue their travels with a much better understanding of each other than when they began.

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Fire And Spice eBook Stockist

A temporary mistress? To Zoe, Bryant Sinclair was a dream come true - an almost perfect Mr. Right with an instant family to boot! There was just one problem - whatever it was that was going on between them, he meant it to be a temporary arrangement. Deserted by one woman, Bryant had no desire to let another get close. He would kiss Zoe, make love to her even, but then, despite the fire and spice their relationship promised, he seemed quite prepared to let her go... .

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Reza's Indian Spice Stockist

Reza Mahammad's passion and unstoppable enthusiasm for Indian flavours are irresistible. The charming flamboyant TV chef and owner of the Star of India restaurant in Kensington London now brings his flair for evolving the tastes of India to a new book. With his informal style free-thinking attitude and an encyclopaedic knowledge of his country's authentic food Reza combines the Indian flavours and dishes we love with the easily available ingredients of the west with stunning results. Arranged to be ultimately reader-friendly...

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Slow cooking curry & spice dishes Stockist

To this highly committed consumer market we now bring the very best of eating from Curry and Spicy Dishes. It includes the best of recipes from around the world - India Pakistan Indonesia Thailand Mexico South America and Africa. The preparation is simple and the results exceptional.A curry is probably the world's favourite step-change in everyday eating habits. And the slow cooker produces quite outstanding eating from these recipes. The long slow cooking tenderises the meats and maximises the exotic flavours of the spices...

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Big Bad Wolf Stockist

This is the ninth novel in the Alex Cross series Alex Cross's first case since joining the FBI has his new colleagues perplexed. Across the country men and women are kidnapped in broad daylight and then disappear completely. These people are not being taken for ransom Alex realizes. They are being bought and sold. And it seems The Wolf is the master criminal behind this terrible trade and who is bringing a new reign of terror to organized crime. Even as he admires the FBI's vast resources Alex is impatient with the Bureau's...

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Cry Wolf Stockist

'It was only then that Jake realized that he still carried a full bottle of Scrubbs Ammonia in his hand. The lion came bounding swiftly through the shallow stagnant pool towards him. Despite the wounds it flowed with lithe and sinuous menace. It was so close that he could see each stuff white whisker in the curled upper lip and hear the rattle of air in its throat. He let it come on for to turn and run was suicide. At the last moment he reared back like a baseball pitcher and hurled the bottle.' Jake Barton is an American engineer...

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Last Wolf Stockist

Michael Morpurgo has created a sweeping and dramatic story in the time of Bonnie Prince Charlie. This spellbinding tale is complemented perfectly by Michael Foreman's illustrations. Robbie McLeod and a wolf cub both orphaned venture far from their birthplace a land of rebellious fighters and vicious redcoats. There is little constancy in Robbie's adventurous life save for the companionship of his wolf. But when at last Robbie finds a place where he can peacefully make his home he knows in his heart that the wolf must find...

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Red Wolf both Stockist

Nocturne October 2010 IN THE SHADOW OF A PREDATOR… Tory understands exactly what kind of monster is stalking the moonlit streets. She, too, is a werewolf and is ready to bring the rogue shifter to justice. What she isn’t prepared for is Adam Scott, the sexy detective whose investigation crosses paths with her own – a human who inexplicably stirs her senses. Adam is searching for a killer, not a lover, but with one look at the flame-haired beauty, he is ensnared. When one steamy night ignites their animal passion, there...

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The Last Wolf Stockist

On the run from the English Redcoats, Robbie McLeod rescues an orphaned wolf cub. It is the start of an adventure that sweeps boy and beast from the Scottish Highlands to the New World and beyond…

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A Wolf's Heart both Stockist

Desire can be deadly Gabriel Bellmonte knows that better than anyone. He let his first love go, while loyalty to his kind kept him in Nouveau Monde fighting crime. Now the seasoned Lycan investigator has his toughest assignment yet – shadowing beautiful Elise Leroy’s every move. Elise has returned to Nouveau Monde a glamorous, successful actress and is the target of a twisted stalker. Gabriel is skilled at what he does, but he’ll need to sharpen his fangs against a formidable foe. If the enemy attacks he can’t risk the...

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Boy Who Cried Wolf Stockist

This is a new title in the fantastic First Reading" series aimed at children who are beginning to read. Sam should be looking after his sheep but instead he can't help but play cruel tricks on the villagers by crying wolf. Will Sam soon be caught out by his own joke? This title provides clear and compelling text accompanied by vibrant original illustrations by Mike Gordon. It is developed in consultation with Alison Kelly who is a senior lecturer in education and an early reading specialist from Roehampton University. It is...

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Bride of the Wolf both Stockist

Paranormal April 2012 Riding off into the sunset…can be deadlyRachel Lyndon yearns to escape her scandalous past, but her dreams for a better life seem ruined after she buries her fiancé on the Texas plains. Heath Renier has been evading the law by the skin of his teeth for years. Now he’s found a new identity as Holden Renshaw, foreman of Dog Creek Ranch. But the arrival of his boss’s mail-order bride, now a widow, upsets his fragile peace and threatens to expose his deadly secrets.Rachel knows that the mysterious and...

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Code of the Wolf both Stockist

Lust and revenge are best served after sundown... Outlaw werewolves destroyed his home and killed his wife. But they made one mistake: they didn’t kill him too. Now, after ten lonely years honing his skills with a gun, Jacob Constantine is back in New Mexico, hell-bent on justice – until he’s ambushed by bandits and saved by an angel on her own deadly crusade. With a gun slung low across her seductive hips and vengeance in her eyes, Serenity Campbell isn’t who she seems to be. But neither is the mysterious bounty...

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Cry of the Wolf ebook Stockist

Intrigue April 2010 Jewel has lost the most important part of her being… Her ability to shape-shift into a wolf. On the run from the man who destroyed her special gift, Jewel now faces even deadlier stakes – if she doesn’t change into a wolf soon, she’ll die. Arriving in west Texas, Jewel encounters Colton Reynolds. Brooding Colton knows a good deal about secrets. Another werewolf, the rugged outsider is a man who shares her inability to trust. And as Jewel’s urge to shift awakens burning carnal desires, she longs...

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Dance of the Wolf both Stockist

Paranormal July 2010 The pack is under attack… Dr Jared Gies has never considered himself a true member of the pack. But when his oldest friend mysteriously disappears from one of Dallas’s hottest nightclubs, he’s first on the scene. Getting past sultry club owner Elena to investigate is easy. Remaining unaffected by the pull of passion he feels for her, and keeping his shape-shifting secret, is another story… Even more troubling is the sudden death of two more werewolves. Now, to uncover the threat to a world he must...

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Grey Wolf Stockist

This title looks at extensive evidence some recently declassified that suggests Hitler fled Berlin & took refuge in Argentina. It identifies escape routes vehicles and hideouts that might have been used. Did Hitler (code name 'Grey Wolf') really die in 1945? The evidence says no. Here's the gripping story of what might have happened...When Truman asked Stalin in 1945 whether Hitler was dead Stalin replied bluntly No". As late as 1952 Eisenhower declared: "We have been unable to unearth one bit of tangible evidence of Hitler's...

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