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SuperScoop Stockists

This clever scoop makes sure everything's transferred straight from seed sack to feeder with no waste and no fuss. Smart design with a click close to keep your seed secure.

Bargain Deal: £3.99

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Bullfinches are easily recognisable if you're fortunate enough to catch one! They are stocky little birds and both sexes have black caps, black bills, black wings and black tails with a white rump which is striking during flight. Males have bright rose pink cheeks, belly and breast, and a bright red nose. Females have a brown back and pinkish under parts and juveniles look very similar to females but without the black cap. The shape of their sturdy beaks is designed for mischievously picking buds from the trees.

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20kg Parakeet Mix

With added vitamins and minerals, this is a great all round mix for your beloved Parakeets but is also suitable for Cockatiels and Lovebirds too. Composition: Yellow Millet, Wheat, Whole Oats, Red Millet, Naked Oats, Black Sunflower, Dark Striped Sunflower Seeds, Safflower Seed, Hempseed, Vegetable Oil and Vitamins.

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The ONLY cat deterrent tested and recommended by the RSPB, following the completion of a 2 year trial. CATwatch will sense a cat's movement up to 40 feet away in an arc of 100 degrees protecting an area of 1350 sq ft. CATwatch emits bursts of ultrasound when activated to deter cats and continues until they leave the protected area. The unit can be run on a single PP3 battery (not supplied) or an optional 12 volt low voltage mains adaptor with a 10 metre lead.Accessories available are: • Mains Adaptor Kit • 10 Metre Extension Kit • Connector Comes with a 2 year warranty

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Seed Jumbo Treat Cake - Pack of 2

For the ultimate high energy food, you cannot get better than these jumbo suet treat cakes. Supplied singly or as a pack of two, complete with strong cord hangers, each one is packed with quality ingredients blended into over 800g of tasty, high energy suet. These Seed Treat Cakes are balanced blend of seeds and suet which will give your birds a nutritious meal. Each cake contains sunflower seeds, white millet, cracked corn, wheat and milo.

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Silver Birch Collection

Why not help the next generation of birds in your area by putting up nest boxes in your garden? By providing nesting habitats you'll be helping to boost Britain's bird population whilst enjoying nature on your doorstep. With this collection you will receive one each of the Silver Birch Robin Nester and Silver Birch Nester. Hand-crafted from FSC friendly silver birch wood with a heavy duty pine roof. The 32mm hole is ideal for Blue Tits and other small garden birds while the open fronted option is made for Robins. Dimensions: H: 260mm W: 360mm D: 160mm

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GBS Exclusive Classic Seed Window Feeder

This lightweight feeder simply attaches to your window with the two suction cups provided. A great value feeder that lets you see your visiting garden birds close up. Each feeder comes complete with a 10 year guarantee, for more information click here. Please note: This feeder is not compatible with the GBS Exclusive Feeder Pole or Seed Catcher Trays. *Some assembly required Dimensions: H: 200mm W: 75mm

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GBS Exclusive Classic Peanut Feeder - Medium

These great value feeders are perfect for feeding peanuts, sunflower seeds or suet pellets to your garden birds. Robust and hard-wearing, both of these feeders feature steel mesh with two perches. Add a Seed Catcher Tray to prevent food loss.Each feeder comes complete with a 10 year guarantee, for more information click here. Dimensions: Small - H: 260mm W: 90mm Medium - H: 410mm W: 90mm

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Mealworm Treat Cake

Packed full of premium ingredients that have been specially selected to provide your garden birds with high levels of nutrition and energy. Simply hand up using string or hooks and position in your garden. Each cake is approx. 11cm tall and weighs approx. 525g.

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Squirrel Feeder

By giving squirrels their own regular supply of food, you may tempt them away from your bird feeders. This simple wooden feeder is lidded to prevent access by birds, but is easy for a squirrel to open once he has worked it out! A clear window in the front gives him a good view of the food and an integral platform provides a comfortable perch. The feeder is hand-made from FSC (sustainable) cedar with brass fittings throughout and is easy to mount on a single nail or hook.

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Peckaballs Berry

Peckaballs are smaller in size than suet balls, and can be fed from a standard suet ball feeder, a specialised Peckaball feeder or bird table. These high energy treats have a special high fat formula and can be used all year around and are perfect for all birds, but particularly smaller birds. The added berries give extra Vitamin C. The 1Kg bag contains approximately 45 Peckaballs. Ingredients: - Rendered Beef Fat, Wheat Flour, Peanut, Millet Seed, Linseed, Rapeseed,  Dried Mealworms Additives: Colour (Yellow)

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