TP-Link TDW9980 Stockists

TP-Link TDW9980 Stockists

With the power of simultaneous Dual Band, you can use two separate wireless networks that will run on either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band, simultaneously. The traditional 2.4GHz band can provides more range and is great for everyday web surfing use but it is more susceptible to interference from wireless devices running on the same frequency. Using the TD-W9980's two multi-functional USB 2.0 ports, users can share printers, files and media either throughout the network at home with several different computers or even away, using the device's FTP server functions so that you never have to part with your files.

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With a superior wireless range covering both 2.4GHz and 5GHz speeds, the Archer VR600 is perfect for anyone who streams High Definition television or movies, plays games online or downloads large files.Supporting both ADSL broadband and VDSL fibre broadband isn't enough for this router, it can also work seamlessly with USB Mobile Internet Dongles for 3G or 4G. You can either use your internet service providers modem and connect this up as a wireless hub, or alternatively, connect up the router directly to the phone line and find support for all standard DSL lines, ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL2+ and VDSL2.The wireless performance of the Archer VR600 is also outstanding, using beamforming, it can automatically located wireless devices and send targeted high strength signals directly to them for improved performance. When it comes to setting the device up on your network, there are two ways of installation, either directly through a web browser with an intuitive web interface or alternatively through a powerful tether app for Android or iOS mobile operating systems.

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If you're tired of having slow or unreliable internet connections then the TP-Link Archer D2 is the perfect router to counter this, using next generation standards, robust security and great power efficiency. Offering a 750Mbps concurrent Dual Band, providing more bandwidth and less interference. Dual Band means there are two different connections, one running at a lower but still fast 2.4GHz, and the other running at the super-fast 5GHz, the crystal clear 5GHz connection runs up to 433Mbps whereas the 2.4GHz band will run up to 300Mbps, so your high demand online tasks can be accomplished in a breeze, such as HD Video Streaming and Online Gaming.

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TP-Link EAP120

Providing a flexible and easier to deploy robust security business-class wireless networking solution, by simply mounting this design to a wall or ceiling you are connected through clustering function or centralized management software, making WLAN configuration and management simplified. Unified Wi-Fi management becomes easy, the clustering functionality allows users to manage up to 24 EAP120s that are automatically selected, to enabling network administrators and easily manage the other EAP120s under the cluster via the master AP's web user interface.

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TP-LINK's Archer T2U is a dual band USB Adapter that provides selectable 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands for the latest standard and backward compatibility to existing Wi-Fi network. It gives users the ability to access crystal clear 5GHz connections to upgrade their notebook or PC's wireless capabilities, while ensuring that they can still access legacy 2.4GHz band wireless networks. The T2U provides WPA/WPA2 encryptions created by the WI-FI Alliance, promoting interoperability and security for WLAN, which effectively and efficiently protects the wireless network.

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TP-Link TLPA4010KIT-V1-2

Capable of turning your powerline wiring at home into part of a network for fast and reliable network streaming or downloading.A cable will always be faster than wireless, although it is a useful technology to have around, if you could run cables to your network equipment you will have much better transfer rates and reliability. Well powerline adapters are the way to bring reliability and fast transfer rates to your home network all without extra wiring.Running at up to 600Mbps, multiple streaming of high definition video footage won't be a problem with the AV600 kit, if you purchase additional kits, you can easily add more powerline adapters to your house and enjoy faster streaming around the home.

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TP-Link TLWPA4220

The TP-Link TLWPA4220 300 Mbps Wi-Fi Powerline Range Extender is the perfect choice for those who need a helping hand on their home Wi-Fi coverage. With a range of helpful attributes the TLWPA4220 really is here to make your life easier.Using a Wi-Fi clone button you're able to enable the Super Range Extension this means you're able to automatically copy the SSID and password to your router making for a seamless connection and easy roaming around your home.Plug and play ability allows for easy set-up - just need to plug one internet connected adapter into a power outlet and then connect additional adapters to your PC/laptops etc. via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and you're ready to go. The TLWPA4220 gives you robust, high-speed data; with 300Mbps over Wi-Fi and 500Mbps over Ethernet you're given full capability to stream HD content with no problem.

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TP-Link EAP320

The TP-Link EAP320 is perfect for those wanting a wireless access point but want it neatly installed without being obvious. Neatly mounted onto the ceiling with a low profile mounting bracket, for an even neater installation, the EAP320 supports power over Ethernet so you only need 1 cable connected for both data and power.Once connected you can setup the EAP320 to just work as an access point, or alternatively there are a range of different configurations for restricting traffic, limit the bandwidth and also setup public authentication if you are using this in a public location. The EAP320 also has load balancing, ensuring that all users have a smooth network experience rather than one device getting all of the bandwidth. A clever feature is also a reboot schedule, allowing you to set a regular time for the access point to reboot which could automatically fix any errors that have appeared.

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Advanced HomePlug AV2 technology means the TL-PA8010P supports 2x2 MIMO* with beamforming, so users benefit from ultra-fast data transfer speeds of up to 1200Mbps. Perfect for bandwidth demanding activities like streaming Ultra HD video to multiple devices simultaneously, online gaming and large file transfers. With one Gigabit Ethernet port, TL-PA8010P allows users to connect a bandwidth intensive device to the Internet at high speeds and ensures the smooth transmission of Ultra HD video streaming. This makes the TL-PA8010P KIT the perfect home entertainment companion.

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TP-Link TLSG1024

With this clever Ethernet switch you will be able to expand up to 24 devices and have full confidence that your network will run at its very best all thanks to the 1000 mbps ports that will all feature an auto uplink. With its innovative power technology, it will manage to improve the energy efficiency by 40% and will keep your operating temperatures down by helping you save on all of your energy bills. Installation is simple all thanks to the 19" steel case that can easily be mounted into any standard size server rack.

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TP-Link TD-W8951ND

TD-W8951ND 150Mbps Wireless N ADSL2+ Modem Router is an All-in-One device, which is designed to give you a one-stop solution to acquiring and sharing high speed Internet access over a wired/wireless network. With the Easy Setup Assistant bundled in the CD, SPI and NAT firewall, QoS engine and other advanced features, you can easily setup a protected wireless network and enjoy the pleasant of Internet surfing, file sharing, VoIP, audio and Video streaming.

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