Teac STL122 Stockists

Teac STL122 Stockists

The STL122 will contain 2 replacement stylises that will be able to fit the phono cartridge. It is fitted to the TEAC TN-100/TN-200 analogue turntables.

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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The TEAC STL103 is a replacement stylus to fit the phono cartridge fitted to the TEAC LPR500 copystation - designed specifically to play 33rpm or 45rpm records. This is a straight replacement for the stylus included with the LPR500. Please note, this stylus cannot be used with 78rpm records (due to the wider grooves) - use the SPL102 to play 78s.

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Teac SPL102

The SPL102 is a 2pack replacement stylus that will be able to fit the phono cartridge that Is fitted to the TEAC LP-R500 music system. It has been designed especially for the wider grooves of 78RPM records.

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