Bargain The King & I   Ost (CD) Stockists

Bargain The King & I - Ost (CD) Stockists

Legendary Hollywood movie musical from 1956 and periodically revived on stage ever since. Featuring Yul Brynner & Deborah Kerr in the title roles and the voice of Rita Moreno. Including the Rodgers & Hammerstein classics 'I Whistle A Happy Tune', 'March Of The Siamese Children' and the immortal 'Hello Young Lovers'. Release Date: N/A

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Bargain King George VI: The Man Behind The King's Speech DVD (Featuring Colin Firth, Tom Hooper and Mark Logue) (DVD) Stockist

From the constitutional crisis that saw his brother Edward VIII abdicate to marry Wallis Simpson, King George VI story is that of the reluctant King whose struggle to overcome his shyness and speech impediment has captivated the film-going public. King George VI: The Man Behind the King s Speech is the definitive story of the man who saw his duty as overcoming his own failings for the sake of his nation. Featuring original footage of King George VI reign, including the King s Coronation speech and state visits, this unique documentary...

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Bargain The King And I Stockist

I Whistle a Happy Tune • My Lord and Master • Hello, Young Lovers • Getting to Know You • Something Wonderful • Shall We Dance… 21 tracks in total.

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Bargain A Hologram For The King (DVD) Stockist

Light-hearted comedy drama starring Tom Hanks as struggling American businessman Alan Clay. Desperate to recoup lost earnings and pay for his daughter's tuition fees, Clay travels to Saudi Arabia in an attempt to secure a lucrative IT contract with a wealthy Saudi king. After discovering on arrival that the king hasn't visited the development in 18 months and, facing the sack, Clay must find the money and willpower to make his project a success and turn his fortunes around. The cast also includes Ben Whishaw, Sarita Choudhury,...

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Bargain King Kong [DVD] Stockist

Epic remake of the adventure classic from acclaimed director Peter Jackson. In Depression-era New York, unscrupulous filmmaker Carl Denham (Jack Black) is desperate to find a leading lady for his new picture. After a chance encounter, naive actress Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) takes the role, and travels with Denham and sensitive scriptwriter Jack Driscoll (Adrien Brody) to the mysterious Skull Island, deep in the Indian Ocean. There the filmmakers discover a secret, savage civilisation that time forgot, and that worships a terrifying,...

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Bargain King Of Comedy(CD) Stockist

King Of Comedy(CD)

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Bargain King's Rhapsody (DVD) Stockist

Adapting Ivor Novello's long-running musical play for the big screen, this enchanting Ruritanian romance marked the second pairing of Errol Flynn and British film heroine Anna Neagle under the direction of Herbert Wilcox.Blending sumptuous pageantry and richly varied music and choreography, King's Rhapsody echoed the abdication crises that enthralled pre-War Europe, with Flynn starring as the prince who falls for a commoner (Neagle), and his wife Patrice Wymore as the princess whom he is finally persuaded to marry. The film is...

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Bargain Sailor Of The King (DVD) Stockist

War drama adapted from the novel by C.S. Forester. During World War II, under the command of Captain Richard Saville (Michael Rennie), cruiser signalman Andrew 'Canada' Brown (Jeffrey Hunter) heads out in pursuit of a German warship. The cruiser hits the Nazi raider with a torpedo but is sunk in the process and Brown is taken prisoner. While Saville hurries to reach the ship, Brown risks his life in an attempt to stop the German's from getting away. In time it becomes clear that, unbeknown to them, Saville and Brown have a connection...

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Bargain Stephen King Box Set (DVD) Stockist

Three horror films based on the works of popular author Stephen King. In 'Misery' (1990), sick of his 19th Century romantic heroine, Misery Chastain, novelist Paul Sheldon (James Caan) kills her off and writes a more personal, modern novel. When his car crashes in remote mountains he is saved by 'number one fan' Annie Wilkes (Kathy Bates), who adores Misery and has even named her pig after her. As she nurses him back to health at her remote dwelling, he realises she is not just going to let him go. In 'the Dark Half' (1991),...

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Bargain The Best of Nat King Cole - Nat King Cole (CD) Stockist

A compact collection of some of the finest tunes from the man with the velvet voice. All your big favourites are here, including: 'Unforgettable', 'Mona Lisa' and 'Nature Boy'. Nat King Cole's untimely death in 1965, left a huge gap in the world of music which no other artist has come close to filling. His music, the epitome of cool, lives on forever.

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Bargain The King's Speech (DVD) Stockist

The King's Speech is the tale of Elizabeth II's father and his remarkable friendship with maverick speech therapist Lionel Logue. Fascinating, moving and often humourous it charts the personal relationship that developed between England's reluctant King George VI, plagued by a nervous stammer, and his irreverent Australian speech therapist.As the second son of George V, Prince Albert "Bertie" was not expected to ascend to the throne, but when his brother Edward abdicates to marry American Wallis Simpson, Bertie, as his successor,...

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Bargain The Lion King (DVD) Stockist

Disney animated feature following a naive and curious lion cub as he struggles to find his place in nature's great 'circle of life'. Simba (voice of Jonathan Taylor Thomas/Matthew Broderick) is excited about being king of the pride but is forced into exile by his evil and greedy uncle, Scar (Jeremy Irons), who wants to claim the throne for himself. Away from his family, Simba meets a meerkat named Timon (Nathan Lane) and a warthog named Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella). With the help of his new friends he overcomes great fear and adversity...

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Bargain The Man Who Would Be King [DVD] [1975] Stockist

Joh Huston directed this classic Kipling adventure about British soldiers trying to bamboozle high priests in remote Kafiristan. Running Time: 123 minutes Region: Region 2 Subtitles: Arabic|Czech|Danish|Dutch|English|Finnish|French|German|Hebrew|Hindi|Hungarian|Italian|Greek|Norwegian|Polish|Portuguese|Spanish|Swedish|Turkish Release Date: 17/05/2010

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