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Thriller - Complete Series (DVD) Stockists

Complete edition of the classic 1970s horror and suspense anthology series, created by Brian Clemens. Each episode takes the form of a self-contained mystery story with a horrific twist at the end, and features performances from stars such as Robert Powell, Jeremy Brett, Patrick Troughton, Helen Mirren, Denholm Elliott and Brian Blessed, among others. Episodes are: 'Lady Killer'; 'Possession'; 'Someone at the Top of the Stairs'; 'An Echo of Theresa'; 'the Colour of Blood'; 'Murder in Mind'; 'A Place to Die'; 'File it Under Fear'; 'the Eyes Have It'; 'Spell of Evil'; 'Only a Scream Away'; 'Once the Killing Starts'; 'Kiss Me and Die'; 'One Deadly Owner'; 'Ring Once For Death'; 'K is For Killing'; 'Sign It Death'; 'A Coffin For the Bride'; 'I'm the Girl He Wants to Kill'; 'Death to Sister Mary'; 'In the Steps of a Deadman'; 'Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are'; 'the Next Scream You Hear'; 'Screamer'; 'Nurse Will Make it Better'; 'Night is the Time For Killing'; 'Killer With Two Faces'; 'A Killer in Every Corner'; 'Where the Action Is'; 'If It's a Man - Hang Up!'; 'the Double Kill'; 'Won't Write Home Mom - I'm Dead'; 'the Crazy Kill'; 'Good Salary - Prospects - Free Coffin'; 'the Next Voice You See'; 'Murder Motel'; 'Sleepwalker'; 'the Next Victim'; 'Nightmare For a Nightingale'; 'Dial a Deadly Number'; 'Kill Two Birds'; 'A Midsummer Nightmare' and 'Death in Deep Water'. Running Time: 2860 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 1 Nov. 2008

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Armchair Thriller Vol.1-10 - Complete (DVD) Stockist

Nine episodes, plus an untransmitted six-part expansion of 'the Chelsea Murders', along with its TV film version, from the classic British TV series of unsettling dramas. Episodes comprise: 'Rachel in Danger', 'A Dog's Ransom', 'the Girl Who Walked Quickly', 'Quiet As a Nun', 'the Limbo Connection', 'the Victim', 'Dying Day', 'Fear of God', 'the Circe Complex', 'the Chelsea Murders' (six episodes) and 'the Chelsea Murders' (TV Film). Running Time: 1404 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 3 Nov. 2008

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Dr Finlay's Casebook: Complete Series 1 & Series 2 Highlights (DVD) Stockist

Series One Dr Alan Finlay is a young medical student working in a country practice in the Scottish village of Tannochbrae, under the tutelage of the experienced Dr Cameron. The show's success was down to the compelling storylines, and excellent casting. The young and forward-looking Dr Finlay is played by the dapper Bill Simpson, while his senior medical partner, the slightly staid but highly pragmatic Dr Cameron, is portrayed by the veteran actor Andrew Cruickshank. Janet, their unflappable housekeeper is played by Barbara Mullen....

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Hi De Hi!: Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

All 58 episodes of the BBC sitcom set in a holiday camp in the late 1950s/early '60s. Maplin's holiday camp is the scene of japes, fiddles and scrapes galore as Teddy-cum-wide-boy Ted Bovis (Paul Shane), camp entertainer, concocts yet another scheme to get one over on haughty camp manager Jeffrey Fairbrother (Simon Cadell). Meanwhile, razor-tongued senior yellowcoat, the glamorous Gladys Pugh (Ruth Madoc), has her sights set on becoming Fairbrother's muse and gormless chalet-maid/wannabe-yellowcoat Peggy Ollerenshaw (Su Pollard)...

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Man at the Top Complete Series 1 (DVD) Stockist

All ten episodes from the first series of the early 1970s drama series about ambitious northern anti-hero Joe Lampton (Kenneth Haigh). Based on John Braine's best-selling novel, the series follows Joe's now successful career as a city stockbroker, a career helped by his marriage to his former boss's daughter, Susan (Zena Walker). Aggressive as ever in business, Joe fights hard to maintain the trappings of success, but soon finds himself vulnerable to the temptations his exalted status provides. Running Time: 500 minutes Region:...

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Man at the Top Complete Series 2 (DVD) Stockist

Man at the Top, originally screened in the early '70s, continues to chart the progress of Joe Lampton, the aggressively ambitious anti-hero of John Braine's best-selling novel Room at the Top, its award-winning film adaptation of 1958, and 1965 sequel Life at the Top. Kenneth Haigh's portrayal of Joe Lampton earned him a BAFTA nomination, while accomplished film and stage actress Zena Walker is Joe s long-suffering wife, Susan; a strong supporting cast includes Paul Eddington and Colin Welland, with guest appearances by Stephanie...

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My Old Man - The Complete Series 2 (DVD) Stockist

Clive Dunn (Dad's Army) is Sam Cobbett, the geriatric hero of this hilarious sitcom which takes a look at the generation gap and in particular, what happens when a wily, outspoken old curmudgeon ends up living under the same roof as his daughter and son-in-law. This second series also stars Priscilla Morgan, Edward Hardwicke and Jon Laurimore.Having been prised from his terraced house in Ironmonger Row by the crowbars of the demolition men, retired engine driver Sam Cobbett now lives with his daughter Doris and her husband, Arthur....

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Odd Man Out - The Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

After rising to stardom in the unforgettable role of Mr Humphries in the BBC's Are You Being Served?, John Inman starred in this ITV sitcom as Neville Sutcliffe, the owner of a Blackpool chippy who relocates to Sussex, where he has inherited his late father's seaside-rock factory... and rapidly finds he's bitten off more than he can chew! Produced by Carry On veteran Gerald Thomas, this complete series also features sitcom favourite Josephine Tewson as Neville's less than welcoming step-sister - who has inherited the other half...

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Sky - Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

Eerie, unsettling and a benchmark production for children's television in the 1970s, Sky was created by Doctor Who stalwarts Bob Baker and Dave Martin as one of the run of outstanding children's dramas HTV produced in that decade. Filmed in such richly atmospheric locations as Avebury, Glastonbury Tor and Stonehenge, Sky is a mixture of ecological fable, science fantasy and good, old-fashioned peril. Marc Harrison stars as Sky - an ethereal boy who materialises on an Earth that is as unprepared for him as he is for it. He soon...

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The Four Just Men - Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

This ITC crime drama series, loosely based on Edgar Wallace's novel of 1905, assembles an astonishing array of talent: Jack Hawkins (The Cruel Sea), Richard Conte (The Godfather) and Oscar nominees Vittorio de Sica and Dan Dailey star as the four men chosen to pursue justice and defeat tyranny worldwide; their regular co-stars include Avengers heroine Honor Blackman, as glamorous secretary Nicole, Lisa Gastoni, June Thorburn, and Andrew Keir (Quatermass and the Pit). The series' cosmopolitan flavour and stylish settings paved...

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The Nearly Man:The Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

Tony Britton won a BAFTA nomination for his central performance in this finely observed drama about a veteran Labour back-bencher who risks the remains of his career when he re-engages in the grass-roots politics of his northern working-class constituency. Starting life as a single ITV Playhouse drama which won the Broadcasting Press Guild's award for Best Single Play in 1975, The Nearly Man follows the events of seven months in a critical year for Christopher Collinson a public-school MP with the perfect credentials for a candidate...

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Top Cat - Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

No description for this product Running Time: 720 minutes Region: Region 2 Release Date: 01/04/2008

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Wpc 56: Complete Series 2 (DVD) Stockist

Gina and the men have their hands full with teenage runaways, Teddy Boys and petty criminals. However, the lines of the law become blurred when the hunt for a killer draws our team into the criminal underworld of shady boxing clubs, brothels and night clubs all run by an untouchable gangster. And the unwanted attention of a senior officer pushes Gina to cross a line which could mean the end of her career. 'English subtitles for the hard of hearing' Review ..lovely blend of nostalgia and social history..a TV gem. --Daily Mail...

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Above Suspicion - The Complete Series One to Four (DVD) Stockist

The complete series 1-4 of Lynda La Plante's crime drama following DC Anna Travis (Kelly Reilly). In series one the newly qualified Travis joins a team on the hunt for a particularly gruesome serial killer. When the latest victim is found and doesn't fit the usual profile of the killer's victims, Travis sets out to prove herself, even if that means becoming personally involved. In series two, 'the Red Dahlia', the discovery of the mutilated body of a young woman seems to echo that of the notorious unsolved Los Angeles 'Black...

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Airline - The Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

1946. The war is over... but not for everyone. Demobbed pilot Jack Ruskin (Roy Marsden The Sandbaggers) has developed a passion for aviation and he's determined to keep flying. Unable to find work with an established civilian airline, and armed with only his demob suit and a seventy-pound gratuity, he decides to launch his own air freight company with wartime colleague Peter Witney. Boasting just one plane, Ruskin Air Services is born amid the austerity of post-war Britain... and it's not only the Great Freeze that threatens...

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Airwolf: The Complete Series (DVD) Stockist

....this briefing is from file A56-7W. Classified TOP SECRET. Subject is AIRWOLF-a mach one plus attack helicopter with the most advanced weapons system in the air today. It has been hidden somewhere in the western United States by it's test pilot Stringfellow Hawke (Jan-Michael Vincent). Hawke has promised to return AIRWOLF only if we can find his brother St John, an MIA in Vietnam. We suspect that Archangel, Deputy Director of the agency, that built AIRWOLF is secretly helping Hawke in return for Hawke's flying AIRWOLF on missions...

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