Bargain Twister Rave Hoopz Stockists

Bargain Twister Rave Hoopz Stockists

Give your dance moves a whirly glow with this super-cool Twister Rave Hoopz game! The longer you go when you start spinning the Rave Hoopz, the more you’ll glow! Put a hoop on your wrist and get it spinning, then add another to your other arm to master the Twisted Wrist trick. Keep spinning and more colors will light up, but don’t stop spinning, because the hoops will reset to red if you do! Master crazy tricks and take on your friends in the Twister Rave Hoopz game! Includes: 2 Twister Rave Hoopz and instructions. Requires 4 "AAA" batteries (not included) For 1 - 2 players Ages 8 and up.

Bargain Deal: £5.99

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Twister Rave Skip It Stockist

The longer you go, the more you'll glow with this super cool Twister Rave Skip It game. Put the hoop on one leg and swing the Skip It while you hop over it. The colors glow as you skip, and when all 4 colours glow, you've made it. With 4 colours and more than 20 light patterns, you can light it up to level up with Twister Rave Skip It. Styles may vary

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Bop It Smash Game Stockist

BargainMax brings you Bop it Smash, the electronic handheld game that tests your speed and reactions. Are you fast enough to smash that console just in time! One of the latest in the range from Bop it, Bop it Smash will test your rection time and push you and your friends to the limit. Make sure your ready! Hold the Bop it smash console in your hand and watch carefully as the light approaches the center spot. When it reaches the zone you had better be ready to smash it! Are you fast enough?? Choose from 3 different modes ...

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Bop It! Tetris Game Stockist

Get your Bop It! on with a Tetris twist! This electronic game unit challenges you to complete puzzles, but you have to slide, spin or slam to get the shapes to fall where you want them to. Can you turn the screen at the right time to line up a shape with an open space? Can you press the slam handle at the right moment to force a shape into a target screen? You can play Marathon or Pass It to practice by yourself or take on your friends! Do you have the Bop It! skills to take on Bop It! Tetris? There's only one way to...

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Game of Life Zapped Edition Stockist

The Game of Life Zapped Edition brings the traditional and novel family board game up to the 21stcentury. After downloading the Game of Life Zapped app for free, have lots of fun spinning the virtual spinner on your iPad to determine the amount of spaces you need to move in your car around the physical board. Choose and customise your peg character by adding a peg-sessory. The Game of Life Zapped Edition has lots of mini games and entertaining clips from Americas Funniest Home Videos, ensuring a pleasurable family gaming experience....

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