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What is Protein Mousse? The USN Protein Mousse is a great tasting dessert which provides you with the nutrients to support your fitness challenge and to help you shape up. Ideal to take in the evening or whenever youre craving a guilt-free snack, the USN Protein Mousse offers a delicious alternative to please your sweet-tooth. What are the benefits? Finding that indulgent snack to not only satisfy your nutritional intake, but to also satisfy your cravings can be difficult. For this reason weve formulated the USN Protein Mousse, a great tasting dessert which can benefit your lean body challenge. USNs Protein Mousse offers guilt-free indulgence with a high protein, zero sucrose dessert, formulated to supply your body with essential amino acids while you sleep. Ideal when taken as a snack any time of the day, USNs Protein Mousse makes a thick, creamy mousse that gives you all the delicious taste and texture of a regular dessert but without the sucrose! Each serving offers 15g of high quality dairy protein, supporting your lean muscle challenge. Is this product for me? Ideal for those looking to indulge on their cravings without ruining their hard-work, USN Protein Mousse offers an alternative to unhealthy snacking by providing you with a great tasting mousse which can support your lean muscle challenge. Nutritional Information Serving Size: 30g (1 scoop) Per 100g Per 30g *% RDA Energy 1496kj 356kcal 449kj 107kcal 5 Protein 52g 15g 31 Carbohydrate OF WHICH SUGARS (INHERENT TO DAIRY) 34g 8.4g 10g 2.5g 4 3 FAT OF WHICH SATURATES 1g 0.6g 0.3g 0.2g 0 1 FIBRE 1.1g 0.3g SALT 1.1g 0.3g 6 MINERALS CALCIUM 1270mg 381mg 48 PHOSPHOROUS 846mg 254mg 36 *Reference Intake of average adult (8000kJ/2000kcal). AMINO ACID PROFILE (gram/30g serving)** ALANINE 1.595 ARGININE 1.986 ASPARTIC ACID 3.695 CYSTINE/CYSTEINE 0.364 GLUTAMINE/GLUTAMIC ACID 10.019 GLYCINE 0.929 HISTIDINE 2.106 TRYPTOPHAN 0.765 ISOLEUCINE 2.443 LEUCINE 4.676 LYSINE 3.849 METHIONINE 1.431 PHENYL

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