WPRO C00344995 Stockists

WPRO C00344995 Stockists

Will hygienically clean the inside of your washing machine or dishwasher, also helps remove any limescale deposits from the heating element. Reduces maintenance cost and detergent consumption. Recommended for monthly use. Suitable for all brands.

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The Terra Bianca cleaner is a formula that cleans, polishes and protects all surfaces. It comes with its own double sided sponge, one side is soft and the other is a scraper. This product is ideal for cleaning and degreasing tiles, taps, baths, basins and many more items. It cuts through grease with ease, leaving your surfaces beautifully clean.

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This magnetic water conditioner for your washing machine or dishwasher will help you save money, energy and the environment. The C00375499 provides a magnetic force which prevents limescale from forming in the water that flows through your dishwasher or washing machine, meaning your appliance will last longer. It splits calcium carbonate molecules (limescale) into small ions so that, when the water heats up, it can't build up. The action also helps to save on energy & detergent costs and gets better washing performance. This easy-to-install accessory provides a greener, more efficient alternative to chemical descaling products.

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This Large crisp plate is compatible with all whirlpool microwaves all by using the crisp function. With this crisp function it will ensure crispy results and a optimised cooking performances. The large crisp plate is fast and easy to use and you can enjoy delicious crispy pizzas, pies and other similar savoury treats with this crisp plate. Thanks to the crisp plates innovate design, you will be able to cook a 1.5kg chicken in just 30 minutes or 300 grams of chips in 11 minutes. The crisp plate is also dishwasher safe meaning you can simply wash it in a dishwasher without any worries.

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