WPRO C00375294 Stockists

WPRO C00375294 Stockists

The C00375294 is a fridge water filter cartridge that will fit various whirlpool fridge freezers which can be used for a better tasting water and ice in the fridge.

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Keep your Fridge smelling fresh thanks to the PurifAir Starter Kit. Using a replaceable active carbon filter the PurifAir is able to neutralise up to 70% of the odor molecules within your fridge. Each active carbon filter (1 included) is design to last you up to 6 months of use and thanks to the built in LED Indicator, you are alerted to when to change your filter and ensure the freshness of your fridge.

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WPRO C00380121

Efficient, food safe cleaning, that is what you will get with the C00380121, it will effortlessly clean the inside and outside of your fridge or freezer and eliminate food residue and stains. With the C00380121, because it is food safe, you won't even have to empty your refrigerator before you begin. When you are finished, you will have a pleasant citrus odour remaining, rather than the harsh chemical smell that can be left with other cleaners.

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WPRO C00379992

The C00379992 is an external Universal water filter that comes from WPRO. It will be able to fit any American style fridge and any standard fridge or freezer.

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WPRO C00424828

Limescale and detergent remover for washing machines and dishwashers, eliminates limescale, grease and sanitises. Reduces maintenance cost and detergent consumption. Recommended for monthly use. Suitable for all brands.

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WPRO C00376308

These dishwasher tablets will be able to offer excellent cleaning results and will degrease your dishes perfectly all without damaging them. The rinse aid function will prevent the formation of limescale and water spots on the glasses and dishes. These dishwasher tablets are efficient at 50 degress. It's effectiveness is guaranteed by using any 50c washing programme and will guarantee an impeccable cleanliness, particularly against encrusted dirt which will ensure excellent results.

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WPRO C00379993

The C00379993 Water Filter will be able to fit LG refrigerators including side by side, bottom freezer refrigerators and just fridges alone. It will give you better tasting water and ice whenever you need it.

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WPRO C00380138

The COO380138 is a professional steel polish care cleaning spray that will allow you to get your kitchen surface looking like new again with this fantastic steel polish care cleaning spray. It is formulated to clean, polish and remove stains and blemishes from hob tops, work tops, sinks, taps and more all without causing any scratches. Suitable for everyday use, it can be used on a wide variety of steel surface types. The abrasive-free formula will provide you with a deep clean to cleanse your surfaces and keep them hygienic. The powerful solution spray is designed to avoid any unnecessary waste as only a small amount can provide a through result as it is over 90% degradable.

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WPRO C00344995

Will hygienically clean the inside of your washing machine or dishwasher, also helps remove any limescale deposits from the heating element. Reduces maintenance cost and detergent consumption. Recommended for monthly use. Suitable for all brands.

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WPRO C00481227

The PurifAir refill kit contains 2 active carbon filters, each of which will last for up to 6 months. You will need the PurifAir Starter Kit for this to work. The PurifAir is able to neutralise up to 70% of odor molecules within your fridge.

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WPRO C00380145

This 250ml bottle of limescale remover fluid will remove all traces of limescale deposits from your steam iron, enhancing your irons performance and steam output whilst preventing limescale marks on your clothes.

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