WW10H9600EX ECOBUBBLE Stockists

WW10H9600EX ECOBUBBLE Stockists

1600rpm Washing Machine 10kg Load Class A+++ Inox

Bargain Deal: £1349.00

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1400rpm Washing Machine 7kg Load Class A+++ Inox


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The Samsung AddWash WW90K6610QW Washing Machine provides excellent energy efficiency with an A+++ energy rating and a generous 9 kg capacity for all your family's washing.Super convenientDesigned with busy, modern households in mind, the WW90K6610QW has features and programs to make every day washing easier and an impressive 1600 rpm spin speed.The AddWash door lets you add anything into the machine at any time during a cycle. Whether it's a stray sock you left in the laundry basket or a delicate item that just needs a final rinse. You can even pop in an extra bit of fabric softener for bigger loads.Quieter washing with VRT PlusEnjoy less noise and vibration when you're doing your laundry with VRT Plus. Clean clothes while you're watching TV, as you go to bed or while your kids are asleep without disturbing anyone.The system keeps the drum balanced using a 3 Dimensional Vibration Sensor so that it runs quietly even at high spin speeds.Washing featuresThe Samsung Bubble Soak technology helps to remove a wide variety of the toughest stains. By adding an extra wash phase to a normal cycle, it ensures clothes are thoroughly soaked in bubbles, so dirt and stains are loosened and removed easily.Ecobubble technology also help you save energy on heavy laundry days, by washing large loads at lower temperatures.The WW90K6610QW uses air and water to generate bubbles, which dissolve detergent more effectively so it can penetrate deep inside...


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Sold as an Agent of Euronics Ltd SAMSUNG WF80F5EBW4WE A+++ Rated 8kg Eco Bubble Washing machine with 1400rpm spin, 16 Programmes with Eco Bubble Technology   ***** How ecobubble™ works? ***** Breakthrough Samsung ecobubble™ technology froths detergent with air and water before the cycle begins, generating cleansing bubbles that penetrate fabrics faster than concentrated detergent. Wash clothes as effectively in cool water as you would in warm water which saves energy.   ***** Add elegance to your home décor ***** Enhance your home décor with Crystal Gloss™ Design. Instead of a mundane, boxy look, the washing machine’s facade is slightly curved for a more inviting aesthetic. It incorporates Samsung’s Touch of Colour™ technology, which adds a deep and elegant transparency to the door’s rim. Complementing the washing machine’s organic design is the wide display, featuring flat buttons that respond to your slightest touch. * The design specification may vary depending on the model.   ***** Remove stains - and extra steps ***** There are many ways to dirty your clothes. And one unique way to clean them. Stain Away uses Eco Bubble™ technology to deeply, gently and effectively clean clothes. Remove the most common stains—such as wine, tomato, blood, chocolate and grass—as well as less common ones.  ...


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This machine from Samsung is the perfect appliance to have for medium sized households thanks to its 8kg load capacity. One unique selling point on this model is the add wash door, this will let you add clothes to the drum after the cycle has started. Make light work of tough stains by selecting a 30 minute bubble soak programme at the start of any wash cycle. Simply operate it from a touch of a button and this setting will bathe your laundry in soapy bubbles to loosen any stubborn marks such as wine and grass stains. A quiet digital inverter motor will give you a long lasting, reliable performance. Less noise will mean less vibration and will also mean less wear and tear on the machine. For years if you wanted to add something to your wash cycle, you would have to stop the cycle, wait for the door to open, add the items then restart the wash. Samsung have redesigned what we have come to know about Washing Machines, with AddWash you can now add that left over item in the basket, or handwash items during the cycle, by simply pushing the pause button, within a few seconds the small door can be opened to add them in.


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Samsung WF70F5EBW4W 1400RPM ECO BUBBLE Washing MachineWith a large 7kg Drum and a 1400 rpm spin speed the Samsung ecobubble washing machine will be able to manage all the families washing needs 1400 RPM7KG LoadA+++ Energy RatingHalf LoadVariable SpinFREE 5 YEAR WARRANTY - BY CUSTOMER REDEMPTION - CLICK ON BANNER OPPOSITE


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1400rpm Washing Machine 9kg Load Class A+++ Inox


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This brilliant Samsung WW80J5555EX washing machine is A+++(-10%) energy rated, which is better than the highest grade available. This exceptional efficiency rating means you can look after your wallet as well as your clothes.5 Year Guarantee Included (Click here to register your guarantee)


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A+++ 8kg AddWash Washing Machine with 1400rpm Spin   Add to the wash during the wash Open the innovative AddWash™ door to quickly drop in anything extra during the wash* – whether that’s a stray sock you missed, extra softener, or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing. Innovative energy saving Our efficient ecobubble™ technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster, helping you wash at cooler temperatures. Better for the environment and your bills. Intensive Stain Removal Whether its cotton, synthetics or baby clothes, add a 30 minute Bubble Soak to any of your preferred programmes at the touch of a button. Then let our unique ecobubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics to loosen tough stains – giving you a thorough and efficient clean after every soak. Quiet, reliable performance The quiet Digital Inverter Motor gives you long-lasting, reliable performance. Less noise, less vibration and less wear and tear – it even has a 10 year warranty.


Stockists of SAMSUNG ecobubble WF80F5E2W4W Washing Machine - White, White

Optimised to deliver gentle washing with amazingly fresh results, the Samsung ecobubble Washing Machine will revolutionise your laundry tasks. ecobubble The innovative ecobubble feature uses intelligent technology to act gently on clothes, the smart function froths detergent with air and water before beginning the wash. This empowers cleansing bubbles to effectively penetrate fabrics for a thorough clean. Effortlessly remove common stains such as wine, tomato, blood, chocolate and grass, as well as tougher ones too. 8 kg drum A good-sized 8 kg drum allows you to wash a full laundry load in one cycle. What's more, the streamlined form of the Diamond Drum ensures a powerful performance while remaining gentle on clothes. The embossed interior cycles clothes gently with the small water holes preventing snags on clothes. Smart functionality The Samsung 8 kg ecobubble washing machine is equipped with a ground-breaking Smart Check system. This impressive function detects and diagnoses problems and errors at an early stage. It also provides easy troubleshooting solutions through a smartphone with LED scanning capabilities. This allows you to defeat the issue before it becomes a head-ache. If you're a demanding washer, then the Samsung appliance may be able to make things easier. A Last Memory feature automatically stores the last settings selected, even if it has been switched off. All you need to do is press the start button. Wash programmes...


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Save time and energy while doing laundry with the Samsung AddWash WW70K5410UX/EU Washing Machine in graphite.Add washing on the goWith its innovative AddWash door, you can quickly drop in anything extra at any time during the wash. Whether it's a stray sock, extra softener or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing, the WW70K5410UX/EU allows you the freedom to adapt your washing without having to wait for the next load.Capable of washing up to 7 kg of washing at once, it also offers quicker options for smaller loads. You can complete a 2 kg load in just 15 minutes, allowing you a great deal of freedom and adaptability when it comes to completing your laundry.Smart and versatileThe WW70K5410UX/EU helps you save a huge amount of energy by washing large loads at low temperatures using its ecobubble technology. Using air and water to generate bubbles that dissolve and activate the detergent, the technology allows you to wash just as effectively in cool water (15°C) as in warm using the Super Eco Wash cycle.There are plenty of other options available for your laundry, with an impressive 14 different washing programs to choose from: Super Eco Wash, Bedding, Daily Wash, Delicates, Baby Care, Outdoor Care, Dark Garment, Cotton, eCotton, Synthetics, Wool, Spin, Rinse+Spin and Eco Drum Clean.With its Bubble Soak technology, you can also be confident of conquering stubborn stains. Adding an extra phase to a normal washing cycle, it loosens...

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