Whirlpool AKZM8920GK Stockists

Whirlpool AKZM8920GK Stockists

The AKZM8920GK is a stylish built in single oven that features innovative induction technology. Inside the oven its induction shelf will directly heat any food in the induction tray all for an efficient and precise cooking. With this oven no pre-heating is required and the grill will also be able to brown your food providing a fast, effective cooking that will save you up to 50% in energy and time compared to a regular whirlpool oven. Its spacious 73 litre oven capacity will make it ideal for large roasts and batch baking and its electronic timer and touch sensitive panels will be able to give you total control all at your fingertips. One unique feature on this oven is the low temperature star clean programme that will operate at 90c, this will consume a lot less energy than a usual pyrolytic cycle and will take only 30 minutes to run.

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This stylish built in oven from Whirlpool is sure to impress in any kitchen. The oven comes with a spacious 65 litre capacity which is ideal for large roasts and batch baking. It's A+ energy rating will be able to keep a lid on your electricity bill. The oven will be able to offer 30 pre-set frequently cooked recipes and a handy beeper that will warn you for when your dinner is ready. Another handy feature on this oven is the fact that you can save time and energy by cooking up to 3 dishes all at the same time, all without mixing any flavours and aromas. br> With pyrolytic cleaning, it will keep your oven clean all with a special programme that will be able to safety lock the door and heat it up to 500c which will burn off any fat and grease, leaving just a small pile of ash.

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This AKW501IX is the perfect built in oven to have whether you are roasting, baking or grilling. The oven is available in stainless steel and is no doubt going to look appealing in any kitchen household. There is a choice of 2 cavities to choose from and the bottom cavity features a respectable 65 litre capacity and the top oven will come with a slightly smaller 37 litre capacity. Other oven features include a variable grill, a programmable timer and a defrost function which will help you save time. Another handy feature on this oven is that this oven features a smooth enamel cavity coating which will make it easy to wipe down and restore its original brightness. Whether you are looking to cook a main meal or dessert, this built in oven is the perfect choice.

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