Whirlpool WIC3C23PEF Stockists

Whirlpool WIC3C23PEF Stockists

To ensure that the door for this dishwasher will be long lasting, the hinges are bigger, which also improves the alignment between the plinth and dcor door. To maximise space in the dishwasher, Whirlpool have implemented a third rack as the idea solution, as a result the dishwasher is slightly taller at 820mm, but will solve all of your issues with finding space for dirty dishes, or those unusually shaped objects. You can add, remove or adapt the space in the dishwasher as much as you'd like, thanks to the use of modular racks and foldable tines, making this one of the most flexible dishwashers around.

Bargain Deal: £449.00

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Whirlpool ADG522

This dishwasher from Whirlpool will be able to slot neatly into your kitchen thanks to its integrated design. It is only 45cm wide so can fit into smaller gaps even in the smallest of kitchens. The dishwasher is ideal for single households or couples and uses a special technology such as 6th sense technology. This will be able to detect the level of dirt in order to optimise the washing cycle, and will save up to 50% water and time which will ensure great cleaning results each time. Also featured on this dishwasher is the digital display which is easy to read and will be able to give you some handy information such as the time remaining.

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Whirlpool WIO 3T123 6PE UK

Enjoy sparkling clean dishes with the WIO3T1236PE Supreme Clean Dishwasher with 14 place settings, giving you plenty of room without having to lose on cleaning performance, rated A for cleaning. Using additional sprayers with powerful jets, water will reach every corner of the dishwasher, further ensuring that all dishes are reached. Whilst the 6th sense technology will detect the level of dirt and optimise the washing cycle respectively, saving up to 50% on and energy and water, whilst decreasing cycle time also.

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Whirlpool ADG211

This slimline dishwasher from Whirlpool is the perfect dishwasher to have for smaller households or for people who are short on space in their kitchen. The dishwasher will come with 10 place settings and will only use 9 litres of water consumption with its standard cycle. There is also a 24 hour timer delay start programme which will allow you to pick and choose when you want your dishwasher to come on at a time to suit you. With its A+ energy rating you will be guaranteed to save money with this economical appliance and won't have a large carbon footprint in terms of the environment.

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Whirlpool WIC 3C26 UK

With this WIC3C26 14 place settings, you will not have to worry about running out of space to put all of your dishes, and with the upper rack being adjustable, you can create even more space when needed, or for those times, you need to fit unusually shaped items. External water protection is a feature that is integrated into the supply pipe, protecting from water flooding in case of unexpected malfunctions in the machine. Start delay timer will allow you to set the cycle when it is convenient for you, whilst also saving on both time and energy. 6th Sense Power Cleaning, the innovative technology that avoids your dishes having to soak and also reduces water consumptions and costs of your cycles.

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Whirlpool WIC3B19

With the Delay Start timer you can set your Dishwasher to start at the perfect time for you, so you'll never have to be waiting around waiting the cycle to finish, you could even set it to start when you go to work and have it ready for your when you get back! 14-Place Settings means more space for all your dirty dishes, combined with the flexible options for space management, you can add, remove or change the space inside your dishwasher as much as you want, thanks to modular racks and foldable tines. External Water Protection provides a protection filter that is integrated into the supply pipe and will protect from water flooding in case of an unexpected malfunction.

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Whirlpool WIO 3T123 PEF UK

With 14 Place Settings you won't have to worry about not having enough room for all of your dirty dishes, and with the A++ Energy Rating you can save even more on your energy bills. 10 Programmes gives you an option for any situation, so your dishes can always come out sparkling clean. Rinse Aid and Salt light indicators will ensure that your dishwasher always alerts you as to when you need to add 1 or the other to your wash load, further increasing overall cleanliness. Delay Timer will allow you to set your WIO3T123PEF Dishwasher to start whilst you're at work, leaving it ready for you when you walk through the door, so you can sort it out when it's nice and fresh.

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