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Winter Journey Stockists

In 1851 the fortunes of the Morland family are more buoyant than they have been for years. Morland Place is recovering under Benjamin's steady hands - happy at last with Sibella. Charlotte now Duchess of Southport is shortly to give birth to hersecond child and on the point of opening her modern hospital for the poor. Cavendish's engagement to the ethereally beautiful but slightly silly Miss Phipps causes a stir in the drawing rooms of Mayfair and his wedding causes his family some misgivings. Then the storms in Europe spill in to Britain when the army is forced to defend Turkey against the Tsar. Within weeks Cavendish is in the Crimea and disappears in the Charge of the Light Brigade. Another moving and beautifully portrayed episode in the riveting Morland saga.

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Journey Stockist

In 1997 Tony Blair won the biggest Labour victory in history to sweep the party to power and end eighteen years of Conservative government. He has been one of the most dynamic leaders of modern times; few British prime ministers have shaped the nation's course as profoundly as Blair during his ten years in power and his achievements and his legacy will be debated for years to come. Now his memoirs reveal in intimate detail this unique political and personal journey providing an insight into the man the politician and the...

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Journey's End Stockist

Hailed by George Bernard Shaw as 'useful [corrective] to the romantic conception of war' R.C. Sherriff's Journey's End" is an unflinching vision of life in the trenches towards the end of the First World War published in "Penguin Classics". Set in the First World War "Journey's End" concerns a group of British officers on the front line and opens in a dugout in the trenches in France. Raleigh a new eighteen-year-old officer fresh out of English public school joins the besieged company of his friend and cricketing hero Stanhope...

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50 Things to Do on a Car Journey Stockist

This title contains 50 cards each showing a game activity or puzzle to keep children entertained on a long car journey. It includes activities such as memory games rhyming games and spotting games sure to keep children (and adults!) amused for hours. Every card is colorfully illustrated and contains clear step-by-step instructions. The cards are durable and robust ensuring repeated use.

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Brother's Journey Stockist

The story of Dave Pelzer is a legend of our times: the shattering tale of the child called 'It' who was forced to live in the basement. His mother was the perpetrator of the horror but she had a willing accomplice. It was Dave's brother Richard - the author of this book. When Dave was twelve the police removed him from the household but the cycle of abuse continued. Mrs Pelzer had a new target for her crazed alcoholic wrath. The hunter became the hunted -- at the age of nine. This is his story. Recounting the warped dynamics...

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Felicia's Journey Stockist

Felicia's Journey" - A tightly woven psychological thriller by acclaimed writer William Trevor. "A book so brilliant that it compels you to stay up all night galloping through to the end". ("Daily Mail"). This title is winner of the Whitbread Book of the Year Award and Sunday Express Book of the Year Award. 'You're beautiful ' Johnny told her. So full of hope seventeen-year-old Felicia crosses the Irish Sea to England to find her lover and tell him she is pregnant. Desperately searching for Johnny in the bleak post-industrial...

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Journey Home Stockist

* Shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize 2013 (winner announced in March 2013) Junior Magazine Design Awards (best Picture Book and Best New Talent categories) and the Cambridgeshire Picture Book Award 2013! * 'A thought-provoking story with a powerful message about conservation' says The Guardian's Julia Eccleshare * Other titles from Frann Preston-Gannon include Dinosaur Farm (March 2013) both in paperback and box set The ice is melting so Polar Bear sets off in search of a new home. Join him on his adventures...

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Journey to Jo'Burg Stockist

This is the story of love commitment and the flowering of the human spirit against the background of South Africa's apartheid. Frightened that their baby sister Dineo will die thirteen-year-old Naledi and her younger brother Tiro run away from their grandmother to Johannesburg to find their mother who works there as a maid. Their journey illustrates at every turn the grim realities of apartheid - the pass laws bantustans racism the breakdown of family life. The opulence of the white Madam's" house contrasts starkly with...

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Journey to the River Sea Stockist

An epic trip into the Amazon’s lush jungle, complete with sinister relatives, exotic beasts and poison-tip arrows. A bit like Northern Lights in a dugout canoe. No greater adventure can be imagined.

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Journey's End Battalion Stockist

R.C. Sherriff author of Journey's End the most famous play of the Great War saw all his frontline service with the 9th Battalion East Surrey Regiment. This intense experience profoundly affected his writing and through his play it continues to have a powerful influence on our understanding of the conflict. Yet the story of his battalion - known as 'The Gallants' after the bravery it displayed during the Battle of Loos - has never been told in full until now.In The Journey's End Battalion Michael Lucas gives a vivid account...

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Mother's Journey Stockist

Gosport 1941. Fourteen-year-old Vera has led a sheltered life with her overbearing religious mother and older sister. But her world is turned upside down with the arrival of the Lovell family on her street. Vera quickly befriends the daughter Angela an impulsive worldly young woman who opens Vera's eyes to what she has been missing. But Vera unaware of the effect she has on men invites the unwanted attention of Angela's father with devastating consequences. Outraged at the news that her teenage daughter is pregnant Vera's...

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Parvana's Journey Stockist

This sequel by award-winning author Deborah Ellis tells the story of Parvana travelling alone across a war-ridden Afghanistan in an attempt to find her family. BLDeborah Ellis is the winner of the Governor General's Award in Canada their equivalent to the Carnegie Medal

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