Zyliss Measuring Cup Set in Translucent Red Stockists

Zyliss Measuring Cup Set in Translucent Red Stockists

Baking or cooking that requires specific measurements is so much simpler with this cup set. 4 individual cups, and a spatula, allow you to add required amounts of ingredients quickly and effectively. Key Features 4 Cup Set gives you a larger variety for adding ingredients. Included 14 cup 60ml 13 cup 80ml 12 cup 125 1 cup 250ml Clip a clip provided with the cups allows you to keep the cups stored together when not in use. Spatula ideal for leveling off each cup to get the right measurement. Guarantee 5 years. Diamond shaped design for easier pouring Includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup sizes Leveler helps measure precise quantities of ingredients Hand clip ring locks cups together Product stands at 26.5 H x 12 W x 8.5 x D cms -รก

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Zyliss Measuring Cup Set in Translucent Red£12.98Visit Store
Zyliss Measuring Cup Set in Translucent Red£15.06Visit Store

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