iRobot BRAAVA390 Stockists

iRobot BRAAVA390 Stockists

The iRobot Braava390 will take care of the mopping for you with ease. It is able to mop tiles, vinyl and laminate so you can set it to work anywhere in your house where there is hard flooring. The iRobot offers 2 different cleaning modes which are easily selected by pressing the correct button on top of the robot. The first cleaning mode is sweep mode, when set in this mode the Braava390 will clean your floors dryly; it removes dirt, dust and hair without fuss. The second cleaning mode is mop mode, when set to mop mode and you have filled the water tank, the iRobot will wet mop your floors ensuring your floors are as clean as they ever have been. Using the Northstar navigation system the iRobot will map the area and remember exactly where it has been, therefor won't keep going over the same area ensuring your whole floor gets cleaned. Thanks to its size, the iRobot can easily get to those hard to reach areas like under furniture. The Braava390 has sensors which will recognise any obstacles and carefully avoid them, it also recognises stairs, steps and carpets meaning it won't ever fall down a step and you won't end up with wet carpets or rugs.

Bargain Deal: £329.00

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