polk S35-BLKWLNT Stockists

polk S35-BLKWLNT Stockists

The Polk S35 Speaker has been built with home cinema in mind, bringing the expansive surround sound of a movie theatre to the comfort of your living room. With high-resolution certification, a new dynamic balance designed acoustic array, precision crossovers, anti-diffraction grille, modern cabinet styling and exclusive Power Port bass enhancing technology, the Polk S35 will elevate the sound when watching movies or, listening to music, or playing videogames. The S35's new dynamic balance designed acoustic array will ensure clean, full-range sound no matter what your listening to, regardless of whether you are simply listening to music or upgrading your home cinema setup with an advanced Atmos configuration. This patented technology will analyse the speaker's entire electro-acoustic and mechanical system for improved material selection and more efficient geometry. The Dynamic Balance technology will pinpoint and eliminate issues that reduce speaker performance before they become a part of the finished product. The Polk Centre S35 Speaker will deliver high-resolution audio thanks to the newly designed Terylene dome tweeter. This tweeter features curvilinear formers that extend response and lower resonance. The powerful ceramic motor structure inside the S35 will also lower system resonance and extend low frequency response and provide better dispersion in the critical mid-range, thus delivering clear and detailed high frequency response; therefore a more realistic reproduction of vocals and instruments can be achieved. The S35 is certified and capable of delivering 40kHz, supporting the latest the latest high-resolution audio files.

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