Black Jack E Liquids Stockists

Black Jack E Liquids Stockists

The new luxury Cirro Black Jack E-Liquid is available in 11mg and 18mg strength. Cirro e-liquid bottles are completely childproof and each e-liquid bottle contains the equivalent of over 200 normal cigarettes. That’s enough to fill a clearomiser seven or more times offering Cirro customers excellent value for money. One of the greatest advantages of using Cirro’s luxury brand of e-liquid flavours is portability. Not only can e-cigarette be used outside of inconvenient smoking areas but the high capacity of a clearomiser means that devices can be stocked up long before you’ll need it. With approximately over 200 normal cigarettes worth of smoking available from a full Cirro electronic vapour cigarette it’s unlikely you’ll run out before you get the chance to refill with Cirro’s luxurious brand of flavoured e-liquid. Cirro’s range of intense and delectable flavours offers you the opportunity to take your vaping a new dimension of fresh and exciting taste sensations. What is e-liquid? Vapour is not smoke. Vapour is produced from e-liquid which is contained in a flavour cartridge. When you inhale using an electronic cigarette you take in vapour not smoke. No smoke no tobacco no hassle. *Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol Glycerine Vegetable Glycerin May contain nut traces*

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