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Menthol Flavour Refills (16mg)

Discover the refreshing taste of menthol electronic cigarette refills and indulge in the superior smoking experience of e-cigarettes. Satisfy nicotine cravings while enjoying realistic full-bodied smoking sensations that hit where other electronic cigarette brands cannot reach. With their all-in-one construction Ten Motives refills are the only true choice for those who demand authentic flavour mouth-feel and satisfaction. Feel the vapour on the back of your throat just like a traditional cigarette but without the tobacco. Smoke indoors once again without compromising on the quality of the sensation. Unleash the freshness of menthol and indulge in the premium smoking experience of vaping with these flavoured refills. Each menthol e-cigarette refill contains the same amount of nicotine as up to 25 traditional mental cigarettes with a super-efficient connection between vapouriser and the liquid ensuring users enjoy maximum pleasure from every drag. Put the past to one side and step into the future of smoking. The future is vaping. Why settle for inferior substitutes? Select the highly rated electronic cigarette that’s offering smokers a new lease of life and greater satisfaction. Order your regular strength menthol flavoured white electronic cigarette cartridges online at Ten Motives. *Active ingriedients: Propylene Glycol Glycerine Vegetable Glycerin May contain nut traces*  

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