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NoMoreWetPet™ - Super Absorbent Dog Towel Chamois

Imagine a life without having smelly, damp dog towels piled up in the boot of your car, or a towel for your dog that you don't have to keep washing after every trip to the beach or through the countryside. Well no need to imagine - NoMoreWetPet™ is here!. The first of its kind to be made just for dogs!  It is kept damp in the secure plastic packaging and works in the same way as a car chamois, you rub it all over your dogs fur when they are wet and wring it out to get rid of excess water.  This eliminates the stench of damp, wet dog towels on the journey home from the beach!Key FeaturesSuper absorbent dog towelCan dry your dog in a matter of secondsWring out excess waterStores in a handy plastic containerKeep it damp for best resultsNoMoreWetPet™ has already been accredited by many owners and trainers alike.  Sue McCabe, owner of Muttamorphosis Dog Training & Behaviour said this about our dog chamios: "A wonderful but strange rubbery thing, the NoMoreWetPet™ capacity to soak up water is phenomenal. This product is kept moist at all times & stored in a handy plastic container. It can be rubbed all over the dog's body to soak up even muddy water, then wrung out before placing back into its container again. Invaluable for drying the dogs off and amazingly, it will reduce the number of normal towels used to a bare minimum."No more smelly towels - NoMoreWetPet™!

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