Pure SIESTA-MIII-WHT Stockists

Pure SIESTA-MIII-WHT Stockists

The Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is the perfect companion for your bedside table, in a sleek, modern, white design the Siesta Mi Series 2 is perfectly complimentary to any setting. Set alarms you can truly rely on and not have to worry about batteries dying during the night. Fully customisable the Siesta Mi Series 2 gives you the ability to set two separate alarms and choose whether you want DAB digital radio, FM or a tone to alert you. For ease of use the Siesta Mi Series 2 has a large screen that automatically adjusts its brightness levels to ensure that at night it's not too bright or too dark. Small put powerful the Siesta Mi Series 2 incorporates compact design with punchy audio. The high quality-audio and high volumes levels mean that you'll never sleep through your alarm and listening to the radio for pleasure is a breeze. Your DAB digital radio intuitively finds all available stations and displays the names of them for complete simplicity. The inclusion of sleep and snooze timers, 16 presets (8 digital, 8 FM) and automatic clock updates the Pure Siesta Mi Series 2 is really here to make your life easier.

Bargain Deal: £49.99

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