Pure SIESTA-S6-BK Stockists

Pure SIESTA-S6-BK Stockists

The Siesta S6 is more than just a premium bedside radio. Awaken to the crystal-clear sound of your favourite DAB/DAB+ or FM station or enhance your bedroom listening by using Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet. With the wide, edgeless CrystalVue+ display - our sharpest screen in the range to date, reading the time or radio information is effortless from anywhere in the room. User-friendly backlit controls and a large touch-sensitive snooze band allow you to operate Siesta S6 with the minimum of touches. There's also a built-in USB port for keeping your mobile devices charged and a headphone output for personal listening. Built from specially selected materials, Siesta S6 brings luxury and sophistication to your bedroom. Use the Siesta S6 as a fantastic sounding wireless speaker and stream audio from the comfort of your bed. This can be done through your smartphone, laptop or tablet. The Siesta timer is a single button setup that quickly enables you to take a brief nap without needing to go through the full alarm setup process. Simply press "Siesta" once or repeatedly to enable a power nap from as little as 5 minutes, with varying increments up to 90 minutes. The alarm tone will then sound, so you can wake up refreshed when the set time is up! Siesta S6 uses a 2.5" full range speaker powered by a digital amplifier to deliver impressive audio performance from a compact clock radio. Bass and treble controls can also be customised for an optimal listening experience. Keep your phone, tablet or other devices fully charged when plugged into the built-in USB PowerPort, so they're always powered up and ready to go.

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