Repel 200ML Stockists

Repel 200ML Stockists

Repel is the latest product from the shoe care specialists Jason Markk, which adds an invisible protective shield from stains and dirt for your favourite kicks. It is an odourless and colourless water based formula, that is not harmful to aquatic organisms. It can be used on all materials including suede, nubuck, leather,nylon and canvas. It will not alter the look or feel of the material of your shoes and provides excellent durability. Please follow the instructions of use that are provided with the product. Advised amount of use - - If you wear the treated pair every day then re-apply Repel every two weeks. - If you wear the treated pair every so often then re-apply Repel every two months. - If you wear the treated pair through heavy rain then wait for the shoes to dry, then clean, then re-apply. 

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