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5 Pointz have been trading since 2004 and although the culture has changed a lot during this time 5 Pointz's roots will always remain the same. The first 5 Pointz store in Bristol UK was a relatively small place, slightly out of town, selling a select line of brands, some of which have fallen out of favour now, as is the way of the industry. The first online store was developed shortly after this, along with moving to a bigger, more ‘bricks and mortar’ location in Bristol.

A larger store and an online outlet meant there was more room to display products, so the selection could expand. Back in 2004 the streetwear industry was just starting to become the massive force that it is today, with a lot of today’s biggest brands just starting out, and the team at 5 Pointz felt lot of important things were still to come. The internet had not fully come into its own at that point, so the growth of that side of things greatly changed how people got to know about new releases and new brands. The growth of lifestyle sites like Hypebeast and High Snobiety took the thing to a whole new level.

A defining feature of 5 Pointz is independence, unlike a chain store that you will find in every town. Bristol is known as a creative city, and is therefore receptive to independent projects. People appreciate the uniqueness of the 5 Pointz store, and the fact that all the staff have a connection to, and knowledge of, clothing and sneakers.

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