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Artisanti launched in 2007 since when we have experienced 30% year on year growth, confirming independent research that the luxury sector continues to lead the way in the ecommerce explosion.

Within this, we are now one of the UK’s leading independent luxury homewares etailers, attributable to our 3 main areas of continued focus:

Our buyers keep a close eye on the latest interior design trends, with products sourced worldwide allowing us to be first to market in the UK with many influential and highly popular themes. Our range continually evolves and 2012 is set to be our busiest year yet. As our niche items are interesting and visually pleasing, they command a high profile in the press and on TV as journalists seek to present stand-out products to their audience.

In keeping with our ‘luxury’ positioning, we invest heavily in persuasive product presentation, including professionally photographed cut-outs, close-ups, lifestyle and pictorial customer reviews, together with expertly authored descriptions that reassure buyers, reduce returns and appeal to search engines.

The appreciation of the high values of our customers is central to our customer service approach, from pre-sales information, quality control (with items inspected prior to each shipment), shipment notifications with delivery ETAs, hassle free returns and a flexible approach when challenges arise. As a result, our returns rate is less than 5%, half the industry norm.

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