Bargain ATM Bank Stockists

ATM Bank Stockists

There are many money banks out there, from the standard piggy bank, to ones that stack and count your pennies for you. Hold your horses though, we think that we have the greatest money bank of them all! Introducing the ATM Money Bank! This is your own personal hole-in-the-wall, complete with all of the features of a real ATM machine. This machine is equipped with a fancy auto roll-in deposit slot for your bills, as well as a slot for your change. With a useful saving target feature, you can put in a target amount and the bank will let you know when you have reached it, great for when you are saving up for that special something. The ATM Money Bank is great for anyone looking to keep their money safe. Controlled by a security card and pin number, just like the real thing, you can rest easy knowing that your cash is safe. This model even has a sensor activated alarm so that you know if anyone is trying to access your money without your permission. This money bank does so much more than just store your money, it can also be used as an alarm clock and with 9 different melodies to choose from, it’s a versatile little machine. With a colourful Backlit LCD display, this is the ultimate money bank and is a great tool to help kids learn and manage money. Please note: the ATM Bank will only accept GBP.

Bargain Deal: £14.99

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