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Aerodrums are an amazing new invention that could transform drumming all over the world. Using the perfectly balanced sticks with reflective tips, reflective foot straps, a high speed camera and your computer, this innovative device makes air drumming more musical than ever before. Now you can practice your drumming pretty much anywhere you can take a laptop, without the need for a bulky kit and – more importantly – in near to complete silence or full volume. If you need to keep your practising hush hush, plug in your headphones and no one will even know. But if you want to hear your drumming loud and clear, grab a pair of speakers and share the drum love! Simply place your laptop infront of you and the camera transposes your air drumming onto a virtual kit on the computer screen, meaning that with a pair of headphones on, only you’ll be able to hear your awesome drum rolls and solos. But that’s far from the limit of the capabilities of the Aerodrums system. As well as a comprehensive set of samples included in the 900mb download you’ll need to install when you first set up – which provide 16 levels of openness and up to 58 samples for each drum and each hand – Aerodrums are fully MIDI compatible. This makes them incredibly useful for space-limited home studios and with compatibility with industry standard digital audio workstations (DAW) and virtual instruments including Reaper 4, Garageband 10, Ableton Live 9 and Logic Pro X to name but a few, a huge range of creative possibilities are opened up. Taking this phenomenal technology a step further, to its logical conclusion, there are currently a number of touring drummers using Aerodrums in place of a real kit at live performances. Given how tight the confines of your average tour van can be this sounds like a fantastic idea to us. Aerodrums have out-of-the box support for virtually any drumming style with a huge range of preset kits for you to choose from, as well as the ability for you to modify existing kits or even build your own from scratch. You can add your own sample sounds to get the sound you want or output “clean” audio to your favourite DAW if you want to use a particular range of effects. So whether you’re struggling to find a good place to practice the drums, you want to bring another level of creativity to your home studio or you want to free up a bit of space in the tour van the Aerodrums could well be the way to change your life for the better…  Contents: 2 drumsticks with reflector balls 2 footstraps with reflectors High speed USB camera with lamp Cardboard sunglasses Instructions Please note: unfortunately this item is excluded from all coupon code offers

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