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A practical guide to preparing for the next phase of the financial meltdown From the authors who were the first to predict Phase I of our current economic downturn-in their landmark 2006 book America's Bubble Economy -comes their insightful sequel discussing their predictions for the next phase of the Bubble Economy. It may seem like the worst has come and gone but it hasn't. With their proven track record of accurate predictions-which most financial professionals and economists missed-the authors explain how and why the next phase of the financial meltdown is about to hit. Things are not going back to how they were before. Instead we are moving through uncharted territory with new challenges and opportunities that few people can anticipate. Written in a straightforward and accessible style Aftershock shows readers how to seek safety and profits in these dynamic economic conditions. Discusses how to protect assets businesses and jobs before and during the second wave of financial meltdown Provides clear and accurate advice on how to profit from the collapsing bubbles Offer focused guidance regarding real estate which will continue to be a pressing concern for many The authors' first book was chosen by Kiplinger's as one of the 30 Best Business Books of 2006 and its accuracy has been hailed by Paul Farrell of Dow Jones MarketWatch when he said America's Bubble Economy's Predictions though ignored were accurate." Don't miss out on these time tested author's proven advice for how to mange your money during the coming financial meltdown."

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