Bargain An Archaeological Map of Hadrians Wall Stockists

An Archaeological Map of Hadrians Wall Stockists

Hadrian's Wall is a towering achievement of military engineering and a monument to the power of one of the greatest empires in world history. Stretching across the spine of England from the North-East coast to the Irish Sea the line of the frontier extends for over 100 miles (160 km) through every type of landscape: from the streets of urban Tyneside through arable fields; along the crags of the wild Whin Sill; to the sands of the Solway and down the coast of Cumbria. It was more than just a wall: it was a whole military zone designed to control movement across the northern frontier of the Roman Britain. Great earthwork barriers survive along with the remains of forts and temporary camps; watch-towers and fortified gates; civilian settlements temples cemeteries bath-houses roads and bridges.Drawing upon the extensive expertise and unrivalled archives of English Heritage and those of the county Historic Environment Records this map depicts the fruits of modern archaeological research: in field survey geophysics excavation and the analysis of aerial photographs.Using Ordnance Survey 1:25000 data - the ideal scale for walkers - this revised new map shows with great clarity all the elements of Hadrian's Wall and distinguishes between those features that are visible and those that have been levelled through time. A brief text explains the remains on the ground and how to use the map to find them - including the museums and the best places to visit. This World Heritage Site is now more accessible than ever before so see the landscape through new eyes.Published: February 2014

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