Bargain Aquabot Remote Controlled Stockists

Aquabot Remote Controlled Stockists

Remote control toys have never been so much fun. The newest development from the guys at HEXBUG are the Aquabot Remote Controlled fish! Just like the other amazing Aquabot fish, they are powered by electro-magnetic propulsion and have a water activated on/off sensor. These unique pet fish come with 9 built in life-like swimming modes, so you’re little fishy will happily swim around his tank if you don’t feel like using the remote. But if you did want to use the remote then you are in for hours of fun! Each fish can travel in three different directions at three different speeds, all of which you can control. Now you don’t have to helplessly watch your Aquabots as they swim straight into the underwater castle, you can effortlessly steer them up, down and around any obstacles in their path. If you don’t want your new favourite pet to be alone you could invite a friend and their fish over and you can control your Aquabots together. Thanks to their unique control system, you can control two fish at the same time! Simply use one channel for your fish and the other for your friends and you are ready to go on some awesome, underwater adventures. Due to the nature of how we receive these, we can't offer a choice of colour.

Bargain Deal: £5.97

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