Bargain Aquabot V2 With Bowl Stockists

Aquabot V2 With Bowl Stockists

Another RED5 UK first! So you’ve got your Aquabot and you’ve played with it in the bath tub, but now it’s time for bed and your Aquabot has no home to go to. It would be extremely risky to leave it lying around especially with a cat knocking about the house! Now you can keep your brand new Hammerhead Shark or Angel Fish in a comfortable specially designed bowl. These little fishies can dive, change direction and swim autonomously and have an auto on/off switch. The micro robotic Angel Fish and Hammerhead Sharks are equipped with more high tech sensors and smart fish technology. Each fish has an inner glow thanks to the built in LEDs, making them even more realistic. Using smart fish technology, the Aquabots use electro-magnetic propulsion to give themselves an unbelievably lifelike swimming action through the water. So whenever they come into contact with water they turn on, and they then turn off once taken out. Each fish comes in ten translucent colours, allowing you to see the gears working on the inside. They even have an auto shut-off after five minutes so they won’t drain all the battery power in one use. When they are sleeping with the fishes, there is three different ways in which you can wake them up. Simply run your fingers through the water, touch the fish or just tap the outside of the tank to get them swimming again. This Bowl is an ideal place to keep your electronic fish and it allows you to see your fish in action at any time. It’s better than keeping it in the bath and a lot cheaper than buying an aquarium! *Due to the nature of how we receive these, we can't offer a choice of style. Therefore, either a Angel Fish or Hammerhead Shark will be chosen at random.

Bargain Deal: £4.97

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