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Bargain Authentic Models Alchemist's Bookcase Stockists

Cherry wood low level antique inspired designer bookcase. Find a vintage inspired cabinet for your curiosities with the Authentic Models Alchemist's Bookcase. An interesting focal point for study and lounge areas, this antique inspired bookcase exudes a feeling of chic campaign style. A fusion of natural wood with a warm honey interior and a rich dark cherry wood on the outside makes for a unique library addition. Six open storage sections provide plenty of room for your own display of books and decor items as two sliding back panels provide integrated storage space within for a plethora of top secrete storage for your most cherished treasures. Taking style cues from history, the design draws inspiration from the chests of 18th century merchants and explorers, known for having hidden compartments inside. Use yours to provide extra storage in the home while cleverly concealing and clearing the clutter in style. Due to the rich grain character of natural wood and hand crafted production process, each product is utterly unique every time with no two exactly the same.

Bargain Deal: £1615.00

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Authentic Models WWII Mustang Model Stockists

Aluminium scaled Mustang fighter aeroplane model. Pay homage to the brave pilots of WWII with the Authentic Models WWII Mustang Model. First put into action after the fall of France, this successful air-born opponent was a manoeuvrable, fast and powerful fighting machine. A combination of 75-gallon tanks under each wing and impressive 6-hour mission fly time made this an aviation front-runner of its time. The investigating Truman Senate War Committee then awarded the Mustang with its highest possible accolade in 1944, describing it as "the most aerodynamically perfect pursuit planes in existence." Scaled into a replica model,...

'Authentic Models WWII Mustang Model Deal' priced at £575.00  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Lifeboat Oar Stockists

This beautiful ornamental oar is finished in a glowing, aged French polish and looks great casually displayed in a covered porch, on a wall to display a large old flag, or just as a pole to push open the ceiling light in the kitchen. Either way it is a great feature accessory for any home.

'Authentic Models Lifeboat Oar Deal' priced at £87.50  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Dragon Globe Stockists

Antique-inspired globe replica with brass dragon stand. Take your interior on a journey of discovery with the Authentic Models Dragon Globe. Inspired by Greek mythology, this antique replica globe on stand features an exquisitely sculpted brass dragon base. Symbolising strength and divine power, the globe then features a historical cartography map with Latin inscriptions, printed using traditional paper gores on a plastic sphere. Grace in the lounge to create a captivating focal point or accompany your desk in the study for a heritage statement of classic style. Explore the extensive Houseology Authentic Models collection to...

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Authentic Models Ship Argonaut 1876 Wall Model Ship Stockists

Half hull hardwood model boat with blue wall plaque. Add a touch of nautical allure to your home with the Authentic Models Ship Argonaut 1876 Wall Model Ship. Exquisitely mounted on a distressed blue French polished finish frame, this half hull ship model depicts Barclay Curle & Co's 18th century Argonaut trade liner, built in the Scottish city of Glasgow. Traditionally used in historical construction plans for a newly commissioned ship's hull and curvature, this type of model boat plaque is now a highly sought after art piece at nautical auctions. Featuring a miniature version of the Argonaut's signature ram with the Golden...

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Authentic Models Pursers Chair - Black Stockists

Simple yet striking Pursers chair which matches the Authentic Models collection of desks. This classic design is draws influence from the Belle Epoque. Handmade from hardwood with wrought iron hardware .

'Authentic Models Pursers Chair - Black Deal' priced at £400.00  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Dakota DC3 Stockists

This is an incredible replica of the legendary workhorse of the skies during the 1930-50s, the Dakota, some of which are still flying in far-flung places like the Amazon and the Gobi Desert. This first limited edition production from Authentic Models of a hand-built model is produced in aluminum, complete with etched metal sheets and rivets. Extremely detailed with propellers, landing gear, ailerons it is a fabulous model to behold and will make a great accessory to aviator inspired interiors. Complete with display stand.

'Authentic Models Dakota DC3 Deal' priced at £575.00  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Royal Barge Oar #3 Stockists

Decorative nautical oar by Authentic Models.Taking inspiration from the nautical oars on a Royal Barge, the Barge Oar #3 designed by Authentic Models is historically influenced and is an artefact still relevant in interior schemes today.Characterised by its solid wood honey finish and delightful red stripes and bold number 3 detailing, this charming oar is part of a series of 5 oars designed to hang decoratively in your interior.Designed originally for the boathouse, this stylish oar rack looks great displayed in lobby areas, hallways or lounges.Fixed to either a port or starboard position in your interior, this decorative...

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Authentic Models Small Sopwith Propeller Stockists

Pine propeller model with French honey finish. Take your interior to the skies with the Authentic Models Small Sopwith Propeller. Paying homage to the US- Airforce and Britain's Sopwith aircraft, this propeller would have originally propelled the most darling of aviators over unchartered waters and landscapes. With a pine wood construction and French honey finish, this broad blade propeller model reinterprets the robust propellers of WWI era aircraft. Smooth with an authentic antique appearance, ivory and black painted ends for a welcoming contrast. Leading to a robust brass centre, the look is complete with decorative 1920s...

'Authentic Models Small Sopwith Propeller Deal' priced at £135.00  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Secretaire 'Grand Hotel's Stockists

This bureau desk holds secrets and surprises within its elegant lustrous French polished appearance. With a pull out workspace and campaign style compact storage this piece also has a secret document box in the back which is big enough to store personal items such as banknotes or your first love letters.

'Authentic Models Secretaire 'Grand Hotel's Deal' priced at £1335.00  =>  Click for Deal


Authentic Models Main Hold Lamp Stockists

Using old and forgotten techniques Authentic Models have been able to replicate and bring back the interesting shapes of early 'hold and go down' Admiralty lamps from the beginning of the 1900s. Each replica is made individually by hand duplicating every design and technical detail of the original complete with stainless steel hanging wires and ceiling bracket.

'Authentic Models Main Hold Lamp Deal' priced at £650.00  =>  Click for Deal

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