Bargain Ballon Wine Glasses 4.2oz / 120ml (Pack of 12) Stockists

Ballon Wine Glasses 4.2oz / 120ml (Pack of 12) Stockists

Ideal for a small glass of wine with your evening meal, these Ballon Wine Glasses feature a wide bowl and are suitable for both red and white wines. With an elegant and practical design, they are the perfect everyday wine glass for your glassware cabinet.

Bargain Deal: £12.99

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Elan Beverage Glasses 12oz LCE at 10oz (Case of 12)

"Ideal for a variety of beverages, the Elan Beverage Glasses bring versatility to your glassware collection. Made from DuraTuff glass for a toughened finish, these heavyweight base glasses are lined and CE marked..."


Polycarbonate Balloon Wine Glasses White 12.3oz / 350ml (Case of 24)

"An ideal choice for parties, events and functions, the Polycarbonate Balloon Wine Glasses offer all the sophistication of a wine glass without the risk of breakages. Manufactured from virtually unbreakable polycarbonate..."


Blue Striped Milkshake Paper Cups 16oz / 450ml (Case of 1000)

"The Blue Striped Milkshake Cups help to give your shakes, smoothies and slushies a classic retro, carnival look for a flawless drink service. Coated with a thin layer of polyethylene to help enhance the structure..."


Katerglass Plastic Tumblers 8oz / 225ml (Pack of 50)

"The perfect size for enjoying a spirit and mixer, the Katerglass Plastic Tumblers are ideal for parties, events and outdoor entertaining. Made from injection moulded polypropylene, they offer a rigid feel, yet are..."


Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses 12oz / 340ml (Set of 4)

"The Hobstar Double Old Fashioned Glasses offer a vintage inspired serving for spirits and liqueurs. A diamond cut glass design is ideal as a whisky glass."


Granity Rocks Tumblers 7oz / 200ml (Case of 24)

"Ideal for serving up a cool whisky on the rocks, the 20cl Granity Rocks Tumblers are made from tempered glass for a stronger finish, making them ideal for use as an everyday drinking glass. The classic stacking..."


Frank's Stein Tiki Mug 15.5oz / 440ml (Single)

"Frank's Stein is the chilling way to add mystery to your cocktails. With a ceramic cocktail mug, every drink you serve will be full of character."


Islande Hiball Glasses 12.7oz / 360ml (Pack of 6)

"The Islande range gives you the simplicity of a standard hiball, but in a taller, slimmer style with a heavy base design. These tall glasses are perfect for serving up a long cocktails, such as a mojito, long island..."


Colleen Tumbler 8cm

"This Colleen Tumbler 8cm from Waterford is the perfect addition to any home."


Essentials Fridge Jug 1ltr (Case of 12)

"Designed to fit inside most fridge doors, this 1 litre fridge jug is perfect for storing milk or juice, or even just chilling water."


Lismore Connoisseur Small Square Decanter & Pair 5oz Tumblers

"This Lismore Connoisseur Small Square Decanter & Pair 5oz Tumblers from Waterford is the perfect addition to any home."


Speakeasy Mini Champagne Flutes 2.25oz / 65ml (Case of 12)

"The Speakeasy Mini Champagne Flutes are the vintage choice for serving small measures of bubbly. With Libbey's toughened glass and a Safedge rim guarantee."


German Beer Stein Glass CE Lined at 2 Pints (Single)

"Host your own German beer festival, with this lined and CE marked traditional 2 pint Stein Beer Glass."


Michelangelo Masterpiece Shot Glasses 2.5oz / 70ml (Case of 24)

"The superior appearance of these crystal shot glasses makes them the ideal choice for presenting an aperitif. From Luigi Bormioli's Michelangelo Masterpiece range, these shot glasses have enough room for a double..."


Domino Wine Glasses 8.8oz LCE at 175ml (Case of 12)

"Perfect for the bar or dinner table, the Domino Wine Glasses have a black stem that brings a touch of sophistication to your drinks service. Ideal for white wines, these glasses are lined and CE marked for an accurate..."

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