Bargain Banana Stress Reliever Stockists

Banana Stress Reliever Stockists

If life is really driving you around the bend, then pick up this Banana Stress Reliever, rather than something breakable! We can't guarantee the problem is going to go away, however this great stress toy will help to relax your muscles, de-stress you and you can still throw it without breaking anything providing you don't aim it at your priceless vase. This puts all those other boring stress toys and stress balls firmly in the shade. Basically squeezing one of your five day will help release the agitation and frustration brought on by seemingly unattainable targets, exasperating spreadsheets, exam stress and anything else that winds you up! And according to nutritionist boffins, eating bananas are apparently good for depression although we wouldn't recommend you eat this one - just squeezing it to release tension should suffice!

Bargain Deal: £5.99

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