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Bill Brandt Stockists

Bill Brandt: Shadow and Light" is the first full-scale examination of Brandt's oeuvre that attempts to trace a coherent trajectory across the photographers multifaceted career. With 162 rich duotone reproductions made from the finest of the photographers vintage prints this book seeks to lay out Brandt's career in all its unruly splendour as Sarah Hermanson Meister writes in her introductory essay. Meisters fresh scholarship and keen attention to the chronological developments of Brandt's career including for the first time an analysis of the dramatic evolution of Brandt's printing techniques shed new light on an artist long considered an enigma by art historians. A comprehensive survey of the work Brandt published during World War II in a number of popular illustrated magazines reveals the origins of some of his most remarkable postwar work while a technical examination of the photographers often painstaking retouching techniques accompanied by detailed illustrations offers an intimate behind-the-scenes look at the process that was critical to the ultimate impact of Brandt's extraordinary photographs."

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