Bargain Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Build and Play Tie Fighter Stockists

Known as the signature Special Forces fighters used by the Galactic Empire and later the First Order, this TIE fighter model is one of the most recognisable ships from The Order’s arsenal. If you’ve ever edged towards the dark side and dreamt of defeating rebel forces then this is the ship for you. This fantastic kit will give you all the tools needed to build your own TIE fighter. Forget the difficult messy kits where you end up with more glue than model – this is the next generation of kits where simplicity is key and the end result is extremely impressive. With the Build and Play TIE Fighter, it won’t take you forever to find piece 21.6p and 7xj to them glue them together whilst trying to follow the instructions that require an engineer’s degree. No glue, no scissors, no filing and no painting. These perfectly designed model pieces simply and easily snap together, allowing you to build the most manoeuvrable ship in the known galaxy in a matter of minutes. When you’re finished, your model can become a fantastic durable toy complete with open canopies, light up cockpit and infamous roaring sound effects. So get ready to take over the Outer Rim Territories because the Order needs you!

Bargain Deal: £3.47

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