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Chronicles of Egg: Deadweather and Sunrise

"DEADWEATHER a sweaty little pirate-infested island is home to EGG thirteen years old and prey to a pair of cruel and stupid older siblings. But when Egg's family disappears in a freak accident he finds himself..."


Buenos Aires city guide - 8th edition - Retiro (0.956Mb), 8th Edition Aug 2017 by Lonely Planet

"Expected in-stock: August 1st -  shipped within 48 hours of arrival. For a limited time, pre-orders are eligible for inclusion in our  Free Shipping  with minimum spend deal!  The current edition of our Buenos..."


Rough Guide to Croatia

"Now in full colour The Rough Guide to Croatia" is the ultimate travel guide to one of Mediterranean Europe's most beautiful and unspoiled countries. It guides you through the region with reliable and comprehensive..."


What Does It Mean to Be British?

"What’s being British all about? It’s a hot topic – and this book will help you find answers. Is it about the clothes you wear, or the food you eat? Is it about the language you speak? Can you be British if..."


Crisis on Multiple Earths

"Written by Gardner Fox and Dennis O'Neil; Art by Mike Sekowsky Sid Greene Dick Dillin and Joe Giella; Painted Cover by Jerry Ordway Four more summer meetings between the legendary Justice League of America and..."


The Expanded Guide - Nikon D750

"The Expanded Guide book by David Taylor covers everything you need to know about photography to help you maximise the full potential of the Nikon D750 DSLR. This comprehensive, step-by-step guide includes a pull-out..."


Untameable ebook

"Special Releases April 2012 Let Diana Palmer and Linda Lael Miller take you to the dusky plains of Texas – where the men are real men and love stories are built to last!Former Navy Seal Jon Blackhawk wasn’t..."


Chaucer's Canterbury Tales

"Travel back to Medieval England and join Chaucer and his band of Canterbury pilgrims in this wonderful introduction to one of Britain's greatest literary legacies. These nine well-loved tales from a host of colourful..."



PM Red: Puddles (PM Science Facts) Levels 5, 6

"After a morning of rain a boy and his mother go to the park. The boy loves to play in the puddles but as the day goes on and the sun shines down, the puddles slowly disappear. Red level titles introduce recurring..."


Women's Home DIY Manual

"How many blokes at Haynes does it take to change a light bulb? None. The girls have beaten them to it. They've also fixed the leaky tap put up the shelves tiled the kitchen insulated the loft and changed the..."


JennXPenn: Really Professional Internet Person

"Jenn shares all. Proof that being able to laugh at yourself can win you two million subscribers."


The Man Every Woman Wants both

"Modern December 2011 To most women Ryan Armstrong is irresistible – just the way he likes it!But beyond business the unbelievably sexy Ryan’s only commitment is to playing the field! Laura, however, refuses..."


Field Notes from a Catastrophe

"The world has known about global warming since the late 1970s yet little has been done to halt it. The threat if we fail is nothing less than catastrophe - the flooding of coastal communities the extinction..."


How to Understand a Painting

"Choosing ten symbols from the natural world (the sun the shell the bird) and ten man-made (the window the book the mirror) Francoise Barbe-Gall illuminates our understanding of how these have been used and..."

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