Bargain Captain America Mug Stockists

Captain America Mug Stockists

America’s most patriotic Superhero has already had quite a few incarnations. A fragile and earnest Steve Rogers, a government made Super Soldier, the original Avenger and of course, ‘The Cap’, the iconic comic book character has a special place in any Marvel fan’s heart. Now Captain America has been immortalised in the form of this rather snazzy shaped ceramic mug. The stars and stripes superhero shows off his dashing all-American good looks, wearing his famous blue winged and distinctive ‘A’ design mask. Making you feel like a superhero all day long, this impressive mug features a 370ml capacity, keeping you nicely topped up with hot beverages without any fuss. Just remember though, as this S.H.I.E.L.D. agent already has a lot on his plate, don’t just whack this BPA free design in the dishwasher like any old mug, as this Avenger would definitely prefer the delicate touch of a hand wash bubble bath to keep him in tip top condition.

Bargain Deal: £1.47

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