Bargain Caution Cone Stockists

Caution Cone Stockists

We’ve all been that guy at some point. The person who leaves a stinky stench in the bathroom. It can’t be helped, everybody poops, but it can be quarantined. Next time you ‘drop the kids off at the pool’ or ‘open the brown doors’ make sure you can warn next bathroom visitor of your recent accomplishments with the comical Caution Cone. Place this warning sign outside the door every time you leave a nasty scent and save your friends from the aftermath of your dirty deeds. Nobody likes a face full of stale poop smell and with the Caution Cone, this can be prevented! Printed on the cone is ‘Danger! Toxic Gases’ along with a picture of a young fellow on the lavatory followed by ‘give it ten minutes’. Just what you need to warn your guests over the stench that is lingering on the other side of the door. 

Bargain Deal: £3.99

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