Bargain Clapperboard Light Box Stockists

Clapperboard Light Box Stockists

If Netflix isn’t quite cutting it, and your DVD collection is falling short it might be time to spruce up your movie nights with something more exciting than a takeaway and some supermarket popcorn. The Clapperboard Light box turns every night into a movie night, taking your cinematic experience to a whole new level. When the clapstick is lifted the light is off, but when you’re ready for action close the clapstick and light will appear! With two brightness settings included, the Clapperboard Light Box is sure to set the right scene. This miniature clapperboard is the ideal accessory for any film fanatic, and with its fully customisable front you can personalise your light box to display any message you want. So whether it’s your favourite film, your dinner selection or simply seeing your name in lights, this miniature LED Light Box has it all!

Bargain Deal: £29.99

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A6 Light Box Fridge Magnet

Leave a message that can either brighten up that special someone’s...

Leave a message that can either brighten up that special someone’s day or potentially deter the food robber lurking within the office. The Light Box Magnet allows you to create any message you wish to express and uniquely display it through the old cinema billboard style display. The Fridge Magnet isn’t just your average, bog standard boring fridge settler, as this Fridge Magnet takes Fridge exterior to a whole new level. The A6 Light Box Fridge Magnet contains 90 letters, symbols and emojis so the potential of your message is endless!  Powered via either Micro USB port or 4 AA batteries, The Fridge magnet couldn’t be easier to use! So, go ahead and display that message your heart has always desired!


A5 Lightbox

This retro styled A5 Lightbox positively glows with cool when you turn...

This retro styled A5 Lightbox positively glows with cool when you turn on its backlit LED lights. With roughly the surface area of an A5 piece of paper, but around 4 cm deep it’s the perfect size to use as a funky table decoration, a quirky mood light on your shelf or you can even wall mount it. You could use it as a noticeboard to leave easy to spot messages for the rest of your family, as a menu board or even to announce what tonight’s movie is going to be! The A5 Lightbox comes supplied with 100 slot-in tiles that have a selection of letters, numbers, symbols and colourful emoji, and as it runs off 6 AA batteries (not supplied) there’s no need for any messy wires. If you do happen to be using it near a plug though, fear not! The A5 Lightbox also features a mini-USB port so you can power it from your PC or USB charger. With a wide selection of letters and symbols and at a perfect...


A4 Light Box: 100 Letters

Grab your popcorn, snuggle down on the sofa and make every night movie...

Grab your popcorn, snuggle down on the sofa and make every night movie night with this awesome pint-sized illuminator! The A4 Light Box gives a cinematic glow to your homely spaces, recreating the magic of cinema anywhere in your home. This updated battery operated LED light now features 100 fully interchangeable acetate letters, numbers and symbols including full colour emojis that present so many creative possibilities, it might be difficult to pin down the best choice. Luckily though, you don’t have to decide as you can change your message as often as you like! Whether you use it as the fanciest notice board ever, the announcement for the evening’s viewings or as a cool illumination sign for a party, the glimpse of light is an enchanting addition to any abode!

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