Bargain Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Stockists

Bargain Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Stockists

On arrival you will meet your instructor, who will be an experienced and suitably qualified clay pigeon shooter. He or she will give you a full safety and gun handling briefing before you have a go yourself. Your experience will involve you shooting at 50 clay pigeons, with cartridges and hearing protection under the supervision of your instructor.  Itinerary: In the Essex or Herts area, this activity takes place every weekend on either a Saturday or Sunday. Additional dates can be opened up according to demand. Location and directions will be given on final booking. Sessions start on the hour from 10am until 1pm and last around an hour. *Location: * Hertfordshire or Essex. *Key information:  * On purchasing this experience you will be sent an open dated gift voucher with 10 months validity. * Participants must be at least 14 years of age. * A selection of guns for ladies & gents are available at every event. * Tuition will take place in small groups.

Bargain Deal: £44.00

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Experience Special Offer Stockists

This is a great chance to try a fun and popular sport, and you’ll receive expert tuition from your professional instructor who will teach you how to use a shotgun safely and how to hit your target! You’ll have unlimited clays to aim at throughout your one hour experience, and you’ll even receive some tasty seasonal refreshments to enjoy!

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Introductory Clay Pigeon Shooting Stockists

Prepare to have a blast on this experience as you try the outdoor pursuit of clay pigeon shooting at one of these superb locations, many of which are members of the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association. Your experience will include all the necessary technique and safety training from a fully qualified instructor, before you step up to test your aim and accuracy and have a go yourself. Who knows - it could even turn out to be the start of a whole new hobby.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting - One Hour Session Stockists

Enjoy this brilliant clay pigeon shooting experience, it promises to  be both invigorating and exciting. All consumables and protective equipment are included and you'll be briefed with all the necessary instruction and safety training before being fitted with your gun. You'll then head out to give shooting a go at for approximately an hour. This is sure to be a fantastic day out to act as a great introduction to clay pigeon shooting.

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Clay Pigeon Shooting Session - Co. Monaghan Stockists

Learn the basics of clay pigeon shooting in an introductory lesson with guidance from experts. You have 50 targets to aim at in a session that will last between two and three hours, depending on how quickly you develop your technique. The expert and the beginner are equally catered for by each of the clay shooting schools.

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1hr Pop Taster Experience Stockists

This is an introduction to what it is like to record a track in a professional recording studio. You will have the chance to prove your budding Pop-star status by recording your favorite song with you singing the vocals. A professional recording will be burnt to CD on the day for you to take home. This experience is ideal for fun or as a unique present for someone.

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Chilli Experience for Two Stockists

Although they may seem like a recent addition to British cuisine, chillis were first imported to the UK over 400 years ago having been cultivated elsewhere in the world for over 10,000 years.  There are hundreds of different varieties of chillis and although there are plenty of people who really love hot food, not many of them know much about the difference between the various types and how they compare to the one another. This chilli tasting experience for two is a chance to tour a nursery where chillis are grown with someone who knows about the various uses of chillis in different dishes. Anyone who's feeling brave...

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Jousting Experience Stockists

Go back to the 'days of old' when knights were bold and submerge yourself into a Medieval environment. You will be dressed in medieval armour and costume learning the tricks and skills of how the knights competed in the tournament field. You will learn on horseback how to use lance, flag and shield and master the skills of a medieval broadsword before taking on the Black Knight in a Medieval Tournament culminating in a mini-Joust to win the honour of your favourite Lady in waiting or Knight in shining armour!

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2 for 1 Meet The Meerkats Experience Stockists

With this meerkat encounter at a selection of participating venues, you and a friend can get up close and personal with these much-loved mammals. At each location, knowledgeable staff will show you how to handle these tame animals and will explain insightful facts on their day-to-day lives, whilst you discover their playful and cheeky personalities. A perfect treat for any animal lover, this is sure to be a memorable and enjoyable day out.

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Archery Experience in Bedfordshire Stockists

This amazing archery experience is guaranteed to hit the spot! With an experienced instructor by your side you’ll discover tips and techniques that will help you perfect your aim and fire on target. You’ll be able to aim at a variety of different targets during your experience – and you’ll be delighted as you find yourself improving at this unique and interesting skill.

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Awesome Foursome Experience Stockists

This amazing experience begins as you whizz down a 250ft indoor zip wire, reaching speeds of up to 30mph. Next you will test your wits by abseiling 150ft into The Abyss from the rafters of the Face of Steel before trying the latest in extreme activities, the 150ft Parachute Descender, which allows you to experience the thrilling sensation of parachuting in a unique environment. This exhilarating day ends with a leap of faith into The Abyss as you experience the thrilling intensity of an indoor bungee jump. Location: Sheffield (North)

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