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'This is the only cut flower book you'll ever need'! This unique publication is packed with straight forward information on how to care for and condition over 140 fresh cut flowers both at the florists shop and in the home. Florists floristry students flowers arrangers brides - indeed anyone who enjoys having flowers in the home will find this book invaluable. Filled with easy to follow care instructions flower availability colour range and vase life there are also tips on simple arranging plus their suitability for wedding work. Every flower has been photographed in full colour making identification easy. Arranged in alphabetical order of botanical names there is also an index of common names to help you find your favourite flower - plus a mini floral miscellany of wedding anniversaries national flowers and rose meanings. Printed in paperback in a convenient A5 size and spiral bound for easy use this book has been specifically designed to fit into a college bag or workbox. This is an indispensible flower guide you'll not want to be without.

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